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Need tips for first bike purchase

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NatG, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys, just got my L's this week and have been looking for a bike but in a pickle.

    What should I be looking for? More recent year and less kms? Or older year and more kms? I definitely dont want anything under a 250cc as I plan to keep this bike well into my Ps and only buy a brand new higher CC one once I have my unrestricted licence.

    Do kms matter on bikes like they do in a car? I like the look of Hyosung but have been reading not so great reviews about lots of issues mechanically early on. I think I am down to a Ninja 250-300 or a Honda CBR 250... also I am short and standing at 158cm.

    Could be a silly question but are bike seats EVER adjustable? :)

  2. Hi and welcome, there are a number of similar queries on this already so suggest you use the search function to wade through them first.

    In a nutshell though - you'd probably be warned off the Hyo here, and also be advised to go sit on all bikes you like and test ride them as well. At your height getting your feet down may be an issue so this is NB!
  3. I rode my 2012 ninja 250 for 3 years while on my p's and it never skipped a beat. Awesome bike to learn on and should be fine for your size. It's also for sale at the moment :p

    Just be sure to jump on the bike and take it for a quick test ride if your confident enough
  4. Some of the high end bikes like BMW have adjustable seat heights but none of the LAMs ones that I'm aware of. You can pay an auto upholsterer to shave the foam down and re-cover to make it a little lower. Some people change over front and rear suspension to lower the bike, but this will most probably change the handling of the bike for the worse to some extent. Or you can get a boot maker to put an extra couple of centimetres on the sole of your riding boots to give you a little extra contact with the ground. If your not set on a fully faired bike, a Honda VTR250 or Spada are good for shorties
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    Wow thanks a bunch for the replies guys! Very handy and feeling very welcomed :)

    I've found one but I need to get an inspection done on it. 389kms, 2011 model, honda CBR250 only one owner. has manual, is going to look for purchase receipt. Rego until Nov 2016 and $3,500. BUT its in Dubbo and I am in Sydney so need to organise a pre purchase valuation from a dealership or motorbike mechanic in Dubbo before I make the trip there.. all seems like a bit of an effort but good deal ! uughh so lost and confused. So many bikes on sale

    I've gone to a dealership in Kogarah where I bought my gear from and sat on a few bikes. The Yamaha R15 was really nice and kind of perfect height wise.. but i dont want anything under a 250cc just kind of seems pointless and I dont want to have to buy another one once I get my Ps.

    how many kms and whats your price sir
  6. Just over 26,000 km with a Yoshi slip on exhaust (stock included) and oggy crash knobs. Recently serviced and new tyres. Have $3500 on it at the moment but I'm flexible. It is up on bikesales if you want to have a look or I can post a link when I get home from work.
  7. There are heaps of ninja 250s in Sydney starting at $2500, on gumtree
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