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Need support for campaign to allow Motorcycles to use Sydney's M2 Bus Lane

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by johna, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Many will laugh but I am doing all that I can think of to see if the M2 Bus Only Lane can be changed to a Bus Lane so that motorcycles can legally use it.

    I have written to the Minister of Transport and several of the local members in the areas around the M2. All of he local members have, or said that they will, raise the question to the Minister of Transport.

    I'm hoping that others who would like to use the M2 Bus Only Lane might write to both the Minister for Transport and their local member and raise this issue. Maybe with more people asking they might consider this change.

    You can email the Minister for Transport at david@campbell.minister.nsw.gov.au and find your local member at www.parliament.nsw.gov.au.

    Here's what I wrote:

    I am writing to see if there is anything you can do to allow motorcyclists to use the Bus Only Lane on the M2 motorway.

    I recently moved to the Western Suburbs but I travel to the Northern Beaches for work each week day. I originally travelled by car but the time, cost in tolls and petrol, and the impact on the environment made me switch to motorcycling.

    However, I was disappointed to discover that unlike the more common “Bus Lanes”, for some reason the M2 bus lane is a “Bus Only Lane” and can only legally be used by buses, taxis and hire cars – and not by motorcycles.

    The result is, that when the traffic is heavy and frequently stationery as it is during peak hours, most motorcyclists either ride between the traffic lanes, use the breakdown/bicycle lane, or illegally use the Bus Only Lane. I know that motorcyclists could just sit with the rest of the traffic but there are various reasons they don't – mostly it is just the nature of motorcycling to not sit in traffic, but there are other reasons such as the heat that is radiated up from the engine can become very uncomfortable, and air-cooled engines may overheat causing permanent damage if stationery for long periods.

    From what I see travelling to work each weekday during peak hours, the Bus Only Lane is very under utilised. I can see no safety issue in motorcycles sharing the Bus Only Lane. In fact the M2 Bus Only Lane is safer than most bus lanes as it is on the right-hand side of the other lanes and therefore avoids the risk of cars turning into side streets etc.

    Given that I pay around $2400 a year on M2 tolls just to get to and from work using my motorcycle, which is the same cost as if using a car even though a motorcycle is a fraction of the size and weight, I would say that it is not unreasonable to give motorcyclists a little bonus for their $4.95 per trip in the form of being able to use the Bus Only Lane.

    Hopefully there is something you can do to encourage a change from Bus Only Lane to Bus Lane and not only make motorcycling safer but also encourage a more efficient and environmentally friendly form of transport.

    Thank you for your time.

    Yours sincerely,
  2. talk to the nswmcc they are the main lobby group up there.
  3. Am still the netrider rep....and great opening post =D>

    Let us know what replies you get.

    Next NSWMCC meeting is on 7th December
  4. One problem that you may encounter, is where the bus lanes slightly veer off and crossover each other where the bus stops are located. They might therefore say safety reasons for why it is a bus only lane....

    Will be good to see what reaction you get to this from government though....
  5. The bus stops are separate from the bus lanes so this is not an issue. The buses already share the lne with taxis and hire cars too.
  6. Good idea!
  7. good luck with that. do you get any rebate on the M2 or is it the M5 that gets it?

    i can say using it from manly to the city is sweet but traffic is even heavy these days at 7am.....
  8. Unfortunately, there is no rebate for the M2, only the M5 now that the M4 has gone toll-less.
  9. This is a damned good idea. While the bus stops are seperate from the rest of the road, considering that taxis use this lane I can't see why motorcyclists cannot. Honestly, I had to for the first time travel the M2 during peak hour on my bike. Scary scary stuff. Peolpe were merging into me while we were stationary...
  10. Best of luck! It's rare that I use the M2 (being in Wollongong), especially in peak times, but I do find it quite laughable that instead of a "BUS LANE" the M2 has a "BUS ONLY LANE" with an exception sign saying that it's also for also every other type of BUS LANE user except motorcycles).

  11. Unless you know something that everyone else doesn't, the M4 is not toll-less at the moment.

    If you said this in february next year, when the toll period expires, I might have believed you....
  12. IMO, the answer is going to be:

    Bus driver's and Taxi's are professional road uses (You can laugh now) which makes them safe to drive in the bus only lane. That's the BS that they will come up with.

    Good idea though. Hardly ever go on the M2 with the bike but it's practically on my doorstep so would be pretty good.
  13. Oh I didn't realise that it wasn't hapenning until Feb.
  14. Surely the two half day motorcycle learners course and one full day P course is more training than a taxi/hire car driver gets???
  15. Also in any submission to local members and the roads minister, Try and highlight it as a safety issue, the big danger in gridlocked traffic is rear end collisions, not too dangerous in a car, but a bike being run into from behind can be deadly
  16. Just an update on this issue. An MP asked some questions to the Minister for Transport on my behalf:

    Mr Victor Dominello to the Minister for Transport, and Minister for the Illawarra—
    Why are motorcycle riders prohibited from using "Bus Only Lanes" on the M2 Motorway, but free to use "Bus Lanes" on other major roads and motorways?
    Are there any plans to change this policy to allow motorcycle riders to use "Bus Only Lanes" on the M2 Motorway?
    What type of vehicle is allowed to travel in the "Bus Only Lanes" on the M2 Motorway?
    What type of vehicle is allowed to travel in "Bus Lanes" on other major roads and motorways?

    And received this answer:

    I am advised:
    According to NSW Road Rules 2008 only buses are permitted to use "Bus Only Lanes". This applies to "Bus Only Lanes" on all roads, not just the Hills M2 Motorway.
    The NSW Road Rules 2008 permit motorcycles to use "Bus Lanes" on all roads. "Bus Only and Taxi Lanes" are used on the M2 Motorway. These lanes have the same status as "Bus Only Lanes", except that taxis are also allowed to use them.
    There are no plans to change this policy to allow motorcycle riders to use "Bus Only and Taxi Lanes" on the M2 Motorway.
    Only buses and taxis are allowed to travel in the "Bus Only and Taxi Lanes" on the M2 Motorway.
    Buses, taxis, hire cars, emergency vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles are allowed to travel in "Bus Lanes".

    So the MP is pursuing the Minister for Transport further:

    Mr x is concerned by the inability of motorcycle riders to use the 'Bus Only Lanes' on the M2 while he is able to ride in the 'Bus Only' lanes on the Harbour Bridge and other arterial routes.

    Mr x is requesting the Department review the current policy to allow motorcyclists to ride in the 'Bus Only Lanes' on the M2.

    Whilst not quite the questions I asked or how I would have put things I am pleasantly surprised that I have had this much support and communication. I expected nothing.

    Again if anyone wants to support this please write to the Minisiter for Transport at the address in the OP.
  17. Sensational work, now to annoy the minister of transport myself
  18. If you want an international example of bikes in bus lanes working safely and successfully, have a word with these guys. Fifteen years ago, as a result of intense lobbying, we got to use bus lanes in Bristol and bikes have been doing so in safety ever since.

    Dunno if any of the folk who made it happen are still there though.
  19. Nice work John,

    I will email the minister immediately and use your letter as a template - I might add the number of mc riders in NSW for a bit of ammunition but you maek a good point.

    btw G'day to everyone else and when/if I get my GPZ 1000RX back on the road (or burn it and buy a ZX9-R), I will look forward to riding the bus lanes on the M2. I must say I was always intrigued as I catch the bus witht a new job in town, that no bikes used the bus lanes. Glad I looked this up.

    Happy Christmas everyone
  20. Yes it is pretty silly that this is a bus only lane rather than a bus lane. It's one of the reasons I don't use the M7/M2 on the way to work, but rather make my way across suburbia.

    It may have something to do with tolling. Although the taxis pay the toll, so I'm not sure about that either.

    Good luck with it all, but NW Sydney is electoral the battleground. So if anyone in either party thinks people will be pissed off with motorcycles having an advantage, then it won't happen.

    Also we won't get access to Buses only lanes, otherwise there is no point in the destinction. So that means they would have to remark the road. Which is not cheap. Another de-motivator.

    Good luck and I also will write a letter when I get a chance.