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need sum help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by calam05, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. hey guys, ive found a few bikes that seem pretty good but im not to sure about them, the first is a tzr 250 and second is fzr 250rr, with these bikes, how hard are they to find parts for if sumthing brakes? and also, how much does it cost to keep a bike running? im starting uni and wont be able to afford to keep my beautiful ford fairmont ghia, so im looking for a bike, any advice or opinions would be great thanx


  2. TZR 250, two stroke, relatively high maintenance
    FZR 250 four stroke, cheaper to run

    There's a start
  3. both would be easy enough to get parts for ........ the tzr would be heaps more expencive to run and maintain as its a 2 stroke race replica ...

    go for the fzr if you realy want one of those 2 bikes ... theres probably much better bikes in the price range that would suit a student budget though
  4. wot is the maintenence on a bike? how often does it have to be serviced, the two stroke oil and so forth, how much does this all cost?
  5. and oh yeah, wot twould be the other better bikes to be looknig at? ive found a 98 tzr with under 30 000 kms for 3G and pretty similar for the fzr rr