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Need suggestions - XVS650 exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ford Fairlane, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Would love to hear from owners of xvs650's about some aftermarket exhausts... I have my eye on the short shots (V&H) but im worried that they are too loud? ive tried youtubing it but cant really get an appreciation of the sound.

    2 reasons why i want new pipes

    1. would love to get a little bit more performance wise out of the bike if thats possible
    2. a nice growl that moves cars out of the way when they hear me coming lol

  2. :)

    You're right. The shorties ARE loud.

    I got the V&H Cruzers. They've got an awesome sound. :)

    Pics Below -





    What year is your bike?
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  3. Mine is a 2009 classic.. i love this bike but it seems to need a 6th gear which would be the only reason i would consider selling it in a year when my p's turn into unrestricted. But if i can get some more performance and noise out of this bike, it will be that much harder to sell :) 283646_10150990646101381_1911598390_n.
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  4. That looks good.

    Mine in 2011 (registered). I'm on unrestricted license but still don't feel like selling it. The V&H rumble still makes me smile every day. :)
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  5. so have you heard the short shots live and decided against them? or did you just love the cruzers?
  6. Nice bike, when u get your full license go and test ride a night rod special. 40 hp v 125hp
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  7. I'd checked out YouTube and didn't like them on both the looks aspect and the sound.

    Looks wise - The cruzers give the bike (IMO) a much more 'shapely' look - which I preferred so just got them.
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  8. Thats what im afraid of too basejumper.. im afraid of spending a grand or 2 on the xvs then dismissing it for 85 extra horses in a years time
  9. No need to spend that much - Dont get the whole system. Just the exhausts will do - but that will make it one awesome year! :D
  10. lol! love that thought! i think by the time i get it rejetted etc it will be around the $800 $900 mark
  11. won't hear you coming, but certainly hear you going :D
  12. My vstar has V&H cruisers. The short shots in my opinion were just a bit too noisy. With cruisers people will certainly be aware of your presence!
  13. I had Cruzers on my 650 too.
    I had heard the shorties and thought they would be too loud.
    Some days I thought the Cruzers were a bit loud too, but that's probably just me.
    I did get the high flow filter, and then got it rejetted to suit the extra air moving through the system.
    Only gained about 3kw on the dyno though, which probably wasn't even noticeable.
    They had a great sound though. I used to get complimented by HD riders.

    Once I was off my P's I ended up going larger, to the XVS1100, which was just like putting an extra gear into the 650.
    You know when you hit the freeway and look for that extra gear ? On the 1100 that's when you slip it into 5th and it feels so much better.
    I did it as my partner decided she wasn't going to get her license and would just ride pillion with me.
    I didn't want to kill the 650 by dragging two bodies down the Hwy at 110.
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  14. Gudday, I have the V&H short shots and they sound awesome 20150715_090606.
  15. Cruisers from ebay usa
    Then upgrade to 1100 asap