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Need somewhere to tinker?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by maduncle, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking at leasing a small factory in the Coburg/Reservoir/Thomastown area to use as a motorcycle workshop and storage area, and to give my wife's shop a stock storage area.

    There are a few cheap factories around at the moment, and it looks like I can get close to 200m2 for $11,000 a year - I won't need all the space so I am keen to find one or two others who might be interested in also using some motorcycle workshop and storage space.

    I plan to be there most Saturdays as I have a couple of custom projects on the go - but if I have one or two others using the space then we would all have keys, be able to trust each other and come and go as we each need - as well as meet up to work on bikes together.

    If anyone is looking for some workshop or storage space, please let me know.


    Maduncle (Cliff)

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  2. Good luck, hope to see some serious interest in this, and maybe even that netrider clubhouse some day.
  3. would you be after monthy rent.
    Im not needing any space yet, I may be needing a workshop or space later on down the track.
    Id be interested in helping you out tho if you like. I know jack shit about bikes and would love to learn and be good to meet some new people as well.
  4. Will never happen.
    People would have to get out from behind their computers and actually do something then.
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  5. Great idea Maduncle.
    What about overheads and insurances ?
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    Hi all,

    Now I know some years ago I did start a discussion about a shared space concept for those of us who tinker on our bikes.

    And then Kustom Kommune happened in Melbourne, which is a good thing.

    Since then - I have managed to get myself a garage space in the back of an old auto workshop in Preston (Victoria). Lots of room for me to put tools, benches, bike stands, bikes and parts.

    I have 30m2 of open space and a 12m2 store room as well. I am building the Honda CB450 race replica there, plus playing with a Yamaha YSC1. I plan to have two pump up bike worktables in there soon - one for me and one for 'guests'.

    The space includes both single and three phase power, compressed air on tap, bathrooms, toilets, secure storage and handy tram and train access.

    So - I have room available for a couple of folk if they want to store a bike or bike project, do a self service on their bike, or do longer term work on a project. Negotiable rates depending upon what you want to do. The lease holder (nice guy named Andrew who is setting up a car and motorcycle inspection and RWC business in the front half of the building) also has a large upstairs store room space for lease if folk are looking for long term storage.

    Send me a message or drop a reply here - I will be there most Saturdays and some Fridays and some evenings as it warms up, from late July onwards.
  7. Maybe don't be too specific about location on a public forum...
  8. Good tip - thanks Titus, I modified the post.