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Need some tyres, a little guidance please...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. So, the TRX is about to be registered & I reckon I will need a new front tyre to get through (the back should be fine) & money is a little tight at the moment, so I'm thinking of getting a Shinko 005 for $158...

    Or I could get a Pilot Road 2 for $220...

    Now I know nothing about tyres, mainly I will be using the bike for commuting with the odd weekend away, & I only did about 10K klms last year, so if the tyre lasts me a year I will be happy.

    I am keen to try out the Shinko's, mainly because there's not much info about them, go figure... I see that the AMCN CBR is wearing a pair of the ultra soft 003's, makes me think they can't be too bad right?

    Anyway, any info/guidance would be more than appreciated, & if there are any better tyres for a TRX850, please let me know!

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  3. Yeah, I looked at the Lasertec's, I had them on my CX, they were really good, but not available in the sizes for the TRX unfortunately.
  4. FWIW, I have the pilot road 2's on my gixxer, and I really like them. I've done a track day in them (wet then dry @ PI) and I was really happy with them. I used to have powers but just smashed through the center of the rear tyre too quickly, the PR2s have a harder compound center. There is plenty of center grip with these tyres still, and Ill only spin up in the usual spots - the wet, tram tracks and paint lines.

    Consider that the rubber on your rims is the only thing between you and the road, and it's worth spending a few extra bucks to get something of higher quality.
  5. I've had both dunlop roadsmarts and bridgestone bt021's and like them both. dual compound sport/touring tyres.
  6. ahhhhh, shitteeee shinko's, that's what we in the trade call them. ;-)
  7. I knew it wouldn't take long. Ever used 003s? Know anyone who actually used them? Know anything about what they do or how they're made? Or is word of mouth good enough for you, being in the trade?

    I'm on my second set of Shinkos on a CB1300F. The first pair (a 003 front and 009 rear) lasted 12,000km of touring, scratching and commuting, and were replaced long before they were worn out; after never getting more than 7000km from Bridgestones and before that Metzelers, it seemed reasonable to change them but this set will probably go a lot further. I have never, repeat, never had them give me a moment's uncertainty on the road, wet or dry, hot or cold, they handle gravel just fine, and transmit braking forces reliably to the road. I could write a list of complaints about the Bridgestone 015s they replaced from direct experience, not hearsay. But ultimately, the 015s were just wrong for the bike.

    Shinko's sport touring tyres aren't this year's trendy product but they are strong, well made and best of of all, grip like **** for a lot less of my hard-earned money. After 40 years on bikes I'm not willing to fall for "the more you pay the better they must be" line any more. The Michelin guys must piss their pants when they see the slavish devotion to their products on every bike forum. I'm sure PR2s are wonderful for a while on a sports bike, but for a heavier bike like my 13 they just don't deliver any advantages for the extra money (bear in mind, I did front and back for the price of a single Michelin rear tyre).

    I like to ride with "enthusiasm" but I don't rate crashing much at all. So I'm not going to ride, or pillion my wife, on tyres that could accelerate my risk of a crash. To me, the Shinkos I use (which are not the cheap Shinkos that came in as OEMs on some Hyosuyngs) are first and foremost good tyres. For a conventional-tech suspension like your TRX, I'd give the 003 pair a go.

    Your mileage, as they say...
  8. Okie dokey, thanks for the input everyone!

    I got absolutely reamed on my RWC today, so the $200 I save by buying Shonky Shinkos (there's a new one for you Caz :) ) will be very handy.

    I'll let ya's all know how they go.
  9. I hope they're nothing like the ones I had. I mean they were fine, except when it was wet or when you were cornering, then they weren't good.
  10. I have the PR2s on the R6, and absolutely love them.
    I have been told that at the edge of there grip they give very suddenly, but I haven’t gotten to the edge of there grip…
    Seriously I’d go the PR2s over the shinkos without a hesitation.
    Check out the Diablo Rossos, or the Continental Road Attacks as other options
  11. It should be ok, I only ride in a straight line & I park the bike inside & clean it when it's raining!:grin:

    I'm kidding. But I did get the Shinko's, the 005 to be exact. I won't have a chance to try them out for a couple of weeks because my fork stanchions are going for a two week holiday Queensland to be re chromed.

    Which model Shinko's did you have ports?
  12. It was a couple of years back so I've completely forgotten. All I remember is that they were horrendous. They never felt like I could get the pressure right in them, they didn't corner well. In the slightest damp they would threaten to let go and sometimes follow through with the threat. After 15,000kms there was no sign of wear on them so I'm pretty sure they were plastic not rubber ones.
  13. I ran a few sets of the 003's on my Blackbird...in the dry I never ran out of grip in the wet they were not the best tyre I have used but not the worst either...I found they didn't last that well though...lucky to get 5000k's out of a rear, but that may have something to do with the right hand:demon: