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Need some s40 advice for almost new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr Owl PhD, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Greetings Earthlings...

    Ok, gonna pull the trigger on a low kilometerage Suzuki s40, I've seen one and I'm going to look at another tomorrow.

    The one I saw today, has 2,700 kms on it and is 2 months old, it was my first ride on one of these so I'll have a better idea tomorrow when I see the second bike, but shifting into second seemed a bit clunky but I'm not used to this so maybe that's normal . When I got there to try it it was already warmed up which was annoying. What bothers me a bit is that there is a lot of bluing around the header pipe indicating maybe running too hot/too lean. I've seen photos of others that do not have that. Also the belt did seem a wee bit tight from what I've read and videos I've seen, it has apparently recently had it's first service so the blue header and tight belt, (although the belt may not be tight) is curious. I'll try and talk to the workshop who serviced it.

    The other one I'm seeing tomorrow, is 10 months old and has 850 kms on it, apparently an impulse buy. It does not have any bluing or any discolouration at all on the header. I feel much happier about this bike than the above but I'm concerned about the oil. Obviously it has not had an oil change yet which is OK from the milage pov, but I was wondering if the oil being in there for 10 months could be a problem with regards to corrosive substances in the oil. Or am I being unduly concerned?

    Any illumination appreciated.

    I can get either bike for $6000
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  2. Unduly concerned.
    It's a fuel injected bike I imagine if it's quite new, the mixture will most likely not be too lean, more likely it's been ridden at low speeds in traffic and the pipes have been hot with less cooling airflow. With such low mileage it should be a safe thing to buy. Does it have an aftermarket exhaust? That culd possibly cause a lean condition.

    Ride the second bike, if the gearshift is similar then it's probably a case of 'they all do that'.
    The oil thing is a non-event. One good run of a few hours will cook off the moisture, acid and whatever else in that oil, then just change it or have the dealer do it for you.
    I'd be more worried about the stale fuel, but again, a good run then refill and you'll be fine.
  3. pwbikepwbike

    It's a carbureted, 650 single. Standard exhaust, I saw one with a $420 aftermarket exhaust but I wanted to avoid that specifically due to not wanting any rejetting issues. I checked with the shop who fitted the exhaust and they said they don't have anything to do with the tuning, but I'm only going for stock bikes.

    I think the 2 month old bike with the blue header, was only used for weekend runs rather than commuting. Apparently the one with 860 kms had some short runs but also a couple of decent blasts. So you don't reckon oil not being changed on a new bike for 10 months would be a problem notwithstanding of course that it's only done 850kms.
  4. Oh, old school.
    The oil won't be doing any harm, it's still oil. Typically you'd have an oil and filter change at 1000 km on a new bike, so it's not even reached that yet.
    I'd go the low km one if it was me, take it for a decent ride and then drop the oil and filter and replace them and fill it with fresh fuel.
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  5. Yep that's my inclination too. thx
  6. I certainly wouldn't be worried about the 10 month old oil, as pw said, if you buy it just give it a good run and change the oil. The difference in mileage is nothing, they're both not run-in yet, I'd buy the one that looks/feels/rides the best. Getting a feel for how the owners have looked after them (service records) would be a deciding factor for me.
  7. OK went for the spunky red one with 860kms, looks brand spanking new, first oil change tomorrow, no service record because er it's just done 860. Rode it home on the motorway will post some photos maybe. This is the bike for the gf, but I can see myself taking down the local beach boulevard when the weather warms up.
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  8. Well done on the purchase I would love to get a review on it at some stage. Down the track you may want to turn it into this RYCA kit bike ryca-cafe-racer-kit-01. ryca-cafe-racer-kit-01.
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  9. An inevitable modern cafe racer. Funnily enough this is our second 650 LS below is the gf on the first one 22 years ago...