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Need some quick help please!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by graemepa, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    Im stuck at work :( coz i cant get my bike started :( and was just wondering if someone could offer some quick advice

    Ive got a 88 GPX 250 i'd been workin all day come out start the bike with full choke no worries , put on my gear (which probably took about 2mins) put the choke down to about 1/4 and it died before i could get the choke high enough again. now it wont start :(

    can anyone provide some advise that might help get me home?
  2. hmm what does it sound like when you start it up , coz mine does that once in a blue moon , just wont start , but most of the time its fine
  3. Turn the fuel off, close the choke (off), open the throttle fully and crank it a few times. Then leaving the fuel off and the choke off, close the throttle and crank it a few times. If it fires, turn the fuel on and keep it running on the throttle.
  4. someone still at work pointed out it might be flooded and that i can put it on its side to fix it quickly, is this possible? dont wanna make the problem worse
  5. yeah it sounded fine. like it always does..
  6. See my post above, if it's flooded thats what you need to do, not turn it on it's side.....
  7. will go out and try it now, ill let you guys know either way how i go
  8. turning it on it side wont fix it , it woulden start then , do what incitatus said
  9. GRR still not starting, think its pretty badly flooded.

    I hate being stuck at work
  10. Ok, if it's still flooded don't turn the fuel back on! Wait a while and then repeat what I said before. Do not use choke at any time and remember FUEL OFF.
  11. Inci is right; you need to drain the carbs dry before you introduce more fuel....
  12. ok i got it going :) and got home. thanks for the advice guys.

    Got another problem which i think is stemming from this problem.. the bike is running abit rough now...

    when idling it sounds pretty sick and at one stage konked out while idling. While going it doesnt feel as if it has as much go as it did this morning on my way to work.

    Any other ideas guys?
  13. Fouled plugs maybe? You haven't filled up recently by any chance, might have got a bad batch of fuel.
  14. well actually i went and filled up straight after restarting my bike again. damn hasnt been a good day for me and my mbike
  15. i also just found out that my mate adjusted the Idle screw abit, which ive read can reck the carby syncronisation. Anyone no at wat speed roughly your bike should idle at?
  16. ok looking through the manual it say to run it between 1200 and 1400rpm so i adjusted the idle knob to reflect this, but its still running rough as guts. Every 10 seconds or so it misses a beat and the revs drops slighty and then go back up.
  17. I say plugs. Tomoro on your way to work give it a few big revs. Find the rev limiter a couple of times (not necessarily while you are moving altho thats the most fun time :D). This might clean them up a little bit and keep you going till you can pull em out ancd give em a clean or replace them.
  18. Will do with pleasure :)
  19. Are you sure you didn't try the puting it on the side thing?

    I managed to lay my Kwak over and had the same sort of issue.

    When I got home I drained the carbies and it worked fine after that.

    If not I think you may find its all ok when you jump on it tomorrow. Well hope so anyway.
  20. Yes.

    Manual states 1300 plus or minus 100.

    For the record though. Typically due to wear bikes and cars of that age will have the idle adjusted upwards to stop the bike running rough.

    I currently own an 89 GPX250. The idle while warm on my bike is currently around 1800-1900. Adjusting it downwards does makes the bike begin to run roughly.

    What you'll need to do to adjust it correctly again is this.

    1 Start the bike

    2 wait until it's warmed up

    3 adjust the idle until it runs smoothly (it may only need a little upwards adjustment

    4 take it around the block a few times and check to see how it's running... It may need a few adjustments.

    If you're too afraid to adjust it yourself, it may be best to take it to a mechanic to adjust it correctly.