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Need some opinions, first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Reggy, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Right so I've just got my L's and don't have a lot of experience.

    I'm really keen on the Kawa z300 but it's been a pain trying to track one down.
    I've finally found a dealer who has one(in the color I want!) but they don't have a demo model and don't want to put kms on the new bikes.

    The dealer was pretty good and said that if I just want to putt around the block on it he would be ok with that and told me to give him a call before I come in so he can "wet it up"? (Put oil and fuel in it I presume?)

    This will be my first bike and first test ride so I'm not sure if around the block will be enough to get a feel of it.

    I've been looking at reviews and what not and am pretty keen on it.

    Anyone got any advice.
    He also quoted $6790 ride away for it. (Asked if I had been quoted from anywhere else for it before he gave me the price) got $6799 from another dealer

  2. My advice would be to get a second hand 250/300 to scratch up and drop for a first bike.
    Sitting on lots of different bikes and finding what posture you like and weight your confident at is the best way.

    Most dealers won't prep a new bike until you have the money on the table, and just are confirming the bike is right for you...not for a simple test ride to feel whats good.
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  3. ^^ This is good advice, particularly if you haven't ridden many bikes to compare it with. If you must buy new be prepared to drop some dollars or keep it long enough to get your moneys worth.
  4. Get a second hand CB400.
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  5. Now you're talking.
  6. The only used bikes I've found that I'm keen on have been around 5k. Id rather just fork out another 1.5k and go new with warranty and 12months rego etc.
  7. the truth is, you'll probably buy whatever bike you sit on.
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  8. Sitting on lots of different types of bike along with the second hand option is a good idea, saves on the pain when you drop it most of us do.

    But you seem to have your mind set on a particular bike so that's going to limit your options.

    good luck which ever way u go:]
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  9. The cb400 is an ideal bike for a learner, agreed, but as JeffcoJeffco says you've pretty much made your mind up. Go for it. No big deal. New's a lot of coin to cough up though - okay if you can afford it. Your call. Get some experience with what you really wanted and make a more informed decision on your next one.
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  10. Yeah I'm not sure what to do haha
    Too many choices!
  11. I'm not too worried about the cash. Learner bikes seem to hold their value pretty well and I do stints away for work so two weeks away pretty much pays for the bike, plus when I work here I spend about $100/wk in fuel driving to work so the money saved from commuting will easily cover the cost.
  12. Haha...... sorry about that! Mate, it's your first bike of many - who cares, get what you want.
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  13. Ah I think I've convinced myself. Will go down tomorrow and have a look
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  14. CB400s are a better bike though :D
    But yeah, buy whatever the hell you like, it's your money and no new LAMS bike is going to be bad to ride.
  15. Get a ninja 250 for $2500 and save your $ for your upgrade beast in the future
  16. Ok so I probably shouldn't of but I put a deposit down on the z300 and I'll be going down to pick it up next week. The sales rep was really friendly and easy going, had the bike ready for me when I got there so I hopped on and took it for a spin.
    It fit pretty well for me and it's nice and light too. Knocked a couple hundred off the price so I got it for $6600 ride away

    Bloody happy with it and it looks so much better in the flesh
  17. Congratulation on your new bike.
    Great to hear its what you thought and looks good.

    Remember to take it easy or the first couple of hundred km's as new tyres will be slipperier than usual and the brakes may bite or not be there best until they are bedded in . I'd also grab a can of chain lube if they don't give you one with the new bike.
  18. Nice work, have fun!
  19. Nicholai_ChevNicholai_Chev I havnt picked up the bike yet but they didn't say anything about chain lube and what not. How often should it be lubed up?
  20. When you pick the bike up, get them to run over general bike maintenance such as tightening and lubricating the chain.

    If your commuting everyday you should spray the chain every week or after every time you've been riding in the rain. You should clean the chain with kerosene and a toothbrush every month or two. Being a new bike the dealer should tighten the chain when its serviced however it's worth being pointed out how to do it and how much slack it should have.
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