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Need some opinion about my new bike (before i take it)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Toxic_Dust, May 3, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    I know i haent been online much recently i just had a lot of fun riding my Hyosung GT250R. Unfortunately it got wrecked and im walking again.

    Was at the bike shop this morning sighning for my new bike
    The Kawa ZX-10R 2007 (with R30,000 worth of extras on it)

    I have attached a pic so you could see how it looks.

    Please give me your opinion if this is a good buy.
    Im buying it at the normal selling price (in-store) but i get all the extra's on it for free. It has 500km on the clocks and i know the driver of it very well. He does a lot of track days and is a really good rider but the Kawa has not seen a track day yet.

    He prepped the bike for track and then i confinced him to sell it to me.

    What is your professional riding experience regarding this bike.
  2. the zx10r is my personal favourite of the 1L screamers. The bike looks in prime and would be great to register in QLD (1 seater rego ftw!).

    If the price is right then i can't see why not, and since its nicely modified (nothing too hectic) then i would be happy to pay close to the retail price on it.
  3. Since it only has 500 km on the clock and it has only been registered 2 weeks ago on his name he made me the deal of selling it to me for R105,000 thats the full retail of a new bike. BUT he includes all the extras at no cost and i dont even have to pay a deposit on it.

    He is also willing to five me a pair of Lukewells Gloves as i dont have any :p

    If all goes well i'll ride it out of the shop tomorrow morning?
  4. hey, good to see someone form south africa on here lol...well when i get off my restrections i will go and get myself one of these... :LOL: looks absoulutely hot and for that price i would go and get it... gotta love the kawasaki green :p cheers,

    BTW...whcih part of SA are you in?
  5. They dont call these thing "widow makers" for nothing. You have gained about 130 ponies. Have fun and be careful :grin:
  6. Zero, like just about everyone else on these boards.

  7. I rode MG's up and down the black spur, it's a 2007 model with pipes...

    - amazing engine, light, responsive and mega powerful
    - incredible handling, it'll take some pretty f*cking serious riding to feel like you're pushing the bike at all
    - brakes were good but nothing like the fireblade's monster stoppers
    - comfy enough when you're on the gas or hanging off ploughing through corners like a maniac
    - tiny, amazingly light and incredibly flickable

    - Pain sets in quickly to your wrists, legs and neck when you're stuck in traffic... In fact I started to hurt after only a minute or two at 60kmh
    - Pitches around a bit much on the brakes (although a dab of rear sorted this out, so it's not really such a problem
    - The tiny bike thing might be good or bad for you, for me I thought it would make an excellent toy for the twisties or racetracks but I didn't think I could live with it in town
    - Such ludicrous performance and handling makes it feel almost sterile to ride on the road - ie you're not really feeling like you're working the bike, it takes your corner speeds and feels like you could go in 40k faster, so it's less exciting, particularly at legal speeds, than other bikes
    - Massive power but it's geared so high that before you're enjoying the "powerband" in first gear, you're already 40kmh over the national speed limit.
    - It has a reputation as a widowmaker, so be fcuking careful.

    Great toys but I wouldn't pick one as an ideal daily ride. I think it's a bit of a nutter's upgrade, and I hope you can ride ecause otherwise you're going to look like a tool in the twisties.
  8. Im just north of Johannesburg. About 60km.

    Nice replies. I'll take it into consideration why its named the Widow Maker.

    On another note i might only get it next week. Damn insurance needs to settle my other bike 1st before i could take this one.

    @Loz - Good reply though. Im concerned that i didnt pick up all the stuff you mention. Maybe i should go check it again out of curiosity. Might just need another mod or 2 to fix it :p
  9. How did your 250 get wrecked?

    Like others have said, it is a MASSIVE step up from a low powered 250....but if you feel you can control it, go for it.

    If I were you, I'd look at a 600 first, but that's just me.
  10. That's right mate, you'll need to spend lots of money if you want to go faster.
  11. I was wondering what all this "R" business was about. Then I read your location :) As was said to me by PNUT from Mornington Kawasaki:

    "The ZX10R - do you like your arms in their sockets ?"
  12. How much are these new in SA? Price quoted is just over 18k AUD which I would think is at the very upper end.
  13. And some people actually like to spend $$ on mods to personalise their bike. Fancy that! :eek:
  14. Ok i'll try to answer all the questions and then i am having second thought aswell. I'll explain now

    Well the ZX-10R goes for R105,000 new. The ZX-6R goes for R79,000 new. Both out of a retail shop.

    Ok how the 250 got wrecked : I was driving on the higway at around 120km/h in the middle lane. a taxi minibus was in the fast lane and swerved into my lane without signaling or looking. I braked and couldnt slow down in time and hit him solidly in the back. Thats the short version

    I dont think the step up is a problem as i did ride a YZF6R for a long time but had to sell it. The 250 was a kind of a experiment and was supposed to be used just to drive to work and back. After 1 month of driving just to work i got that old track day feeling and now i have the oportunity to get back in it, if you know what i mean.

    My second thought come from the fact that its MASSIVLY expensive for me at this stage and currenly if i dont get the promotion that was promised to me in 1 month i'll be screwed sollidly actually paying it. I might just have to go for the 600 just to be on the save side.

    Damn i hate being in the dark at work