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Need some obscure bolts/fastners?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Head over to Tasty Nuts dot com (hey, I didn't name the site)

    Just replaced the windscreen on the ZZR, and the rubber mount bolt things pretty much disintegrated in my hands as I took them off. Wasn't able to find any locally, although I didn't ask everyones best friend, the dealer.

    These guys had them, in a range of colours and materials. They also seem to have a stack of other stuff, all new and shiny. Can't comment as yet on their cust service other than to say they accept papal, and there is shipping to be had for orders under 100GBP for 7GBP.

    Sounds good to me!

  2. Tasty nuts indeed, and some yummy bolts, too :LOL:

    I was quite surprised at how much stuff the have for a ten year old Hornet, but then again, it was a bit of a cult bike in Europe.....

    My only disclaimer would be the alloy bar-ends; I think the extra weight of steel does a better job of damping vibration, but that's just a seat of the pants :)roll:) opinion....
  3. So the parts that I ordered on the 15th arrived today. For a company based in the UK somewhere, that's not at all a bad turn around. All is as advertised, all is well...

    Top marks :D
  4. Bookmarked for sure, that is, unless I can find an Aussie manufacturer / distributor who sells fairing kits for my bike.
  5. There was a guy on eBay who seems to have a good range, and can get stuff not listed - can't find him now, bollocks. Steve at RatedR Parts has a few of the more common sports bikes listed.
  6. good find. there is a local guy near me though who can help with many things