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need some info regarding bike accident!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by ronin2010, May 1, 2007.

  1. hey guys i think your gonna be the right people to ask.....

    i have a good mate that just had an accident with a bike.
    Now the rider was fine, only minor neck injuries. The car has about $3000 worth of damage and the bike is pretty bad.

    It was about 5-6am (only just light but still fairly dark), he was in his car (a honda civic hatch) and was turning right at a roundabout....The motorcycle (a black hyosung 250) came from his left and collided with him, the bike actually t-boned him by hitting him in the middle of the left hand side of the car...

    Now where it gets tricky, legally the car pulled out in front of the bike and so hes in the wrong....but the driver swears that the bike DID NOT have a light on (but really needed to) but to my understanding all bikes after about '92 have the light on automatically when you start the bike????
    They guy is a known hoon, it was fairly dark and it was a black bike, but i guess they cant really prove whether the guy did or not.

    Im just curious if anyone has any opinions...

  2. #1 - Unlikely in the extreme that the bike did not have the light on.

    #2 - If your friend was already on the roundabout and the bike came from his left, then the bike is completely in the wrong. You MUST ALWAYS give way to traffic that is on a roundabout.

    Your friend should collect his thoughts very coherently, write them into a statement and submit that statement to the Police (if not done already) and his own Insurance Company. Let his insurance company do all the work, that's what he pays a premium for.

    The fact that the guy on the bike is a known hoon or not is totally irrelevant and your friend would be well advised to stick solely to the facts.
  3. IF and a NSW person will have to clarify, but here in Vic the vehicale already in the roundabout has the rite of way, basicaly the roundabout is it's own road, so when you are waiting at the intersection to turn left in to the roundabout you are facing a giveway sign.
    (if anyone brings up the OLD give way to the right crap i'll slap them :twisted: )

    from here http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/roundabouts.html
  4. Yep, if you are IN the roundabout, everyone has to give way to you. And I agree that it would be very unlikely that the bike's light WOULND'T have been on. Anyway, that's rendered irrelevant by the fact that the bike hit the car...
  5. +1 to Hornet and Woodsy, if your mate was already in the roundabout, he defnitely has right of way.

    I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the headlight off thing though, I'm oftne surprised by how many bikes I see that have their headlights switched off. It's not a particularly hard mod to change the low/high beam switch to an on/off switch.

    If your mate believes that there was no headlight, then put it in the statement, if it turns out that the biekr had modded the switch, he could be in even more trouble...

    Other obvious answer is that the rider was going faster than the speed of light, and the light from the headlight couldn't keep up... In which case I call "Bloody Hoon Giving The Rest Of Us A Bad Name". But then again, it was a Hyosung... :LOL:
  6. I'm not so sure you're right here. It's been a while since I studied Einstein's special theory of relativity, but my recollection is that the speed of light, c, is a constant, no matter what frame of reference you are in. i.e. if you are on a space ship moving at the speed of light with repect to a 'stationary' star, and you turn the headlights on, the emitted light moves away from you at the speed of light, c. However, an observer on said 'stationary' star sees your headlight beam to be travelling at the speed of light, c (not twice the speed of ligh which in theory is impossible).

    Here the paradox is that to the observer your spaceship is also moving at the speed of light. To him though it's not a spaceship, but simply a bundle of energy (E) according to E=MC^2 where M is the mass of the spaceship. I could also talk about length contraction and time dilation in the same context, but I don't remember... :roll:
  7. Hmmm..... You could be right, back to the classroom for me then. :oops:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  8. This mod is actually quite legal to do since the ADR requirement for headlights to be hardwired on was rescinded back in January 1997.

    Like others have said, If he was in the roundabout first, then he has right of way.....
  9. WTF? :grin: Can I use this?
  10. Yep, i'm pretty sure thats rite theoreticaly, BUT i'm still not convinced that faster than light travel (or even warp 1) is actualy achievable.
  11. hey does anyone have any more information on this ADR requirement coming into affect and then being rescinded??

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  13. One of the stupid rules regarding roundabouts is that you need to indicate to leave the roundabout. So whether you are going straight thru it or turning right, you need to indicate left as you exit the roundabout. More stupid rules!
  14. True true true.

    Just checked the NSW Legislation website and there is absolutely no law that says you've got to have a headlight on during the day. Also checked the RTA's guide to modifying motorcycles (which basically tells you what you need for your bike to be legal) and it doesn't mention 'daytime running lights' at all.


    Young Ronin here stated that the acco happened at about 5 or 6am when it was still mostly dark, so I still reckon this guy should have had his headlight on...
  15. Leaves it wide open that one...
  16. if its the GT250R like mine you can turn off the main (lowest) headlight, but there is a small parker bulb in the top that keeps the bike kinda visible.

    also if the car couldn't see the bike then how could the biker see where he was going? and who mods their bikes to be less visible? Also, as has been said, give way to the traffic already on the round-about.
  17. ok guys thanks heaps ill pass it on......

    but im curious, the roundabout seems to be the thing that proves he was right, what if it was just a normal T intersection, would not having his light on have the bike in the wrong or not??

  18. If it was just a normal T intersection the motorcyclist would be facing either a stop or give way sign, so if he crashed into the car he'd still be in the wrong...(failing to give way).....whether his light was on or not is irrelevant unless it was actually dark enough for lights to be required.
  19. On the topic of the actual headlight, forensic or some such people can tell if a light fillament was on when it was broken. Assuming it wasn't smashed to smitherines (however that is spelt).
    I remember a car crash case quite a few years ago where this happened.

  20. Yeah I was watching some crappy crash investigations show from NZ & they can tell in cars as the hot filament will bend & strech due to the impact while a cold filament doesn't.

    Neat huh?? - then again, its NZ.