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Need Some Help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kiss_the_future, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. I came off the bike up at Mt Dandy...thanks to a cage trying to do a
    U-turn infront of a blind corner.

    The left side of the bike is pretty banged up...thankfully the frame was untouched and also the petrol tank. The real damage is just the fairing and most of the plastic from front to back.

    Where would be the best place to get new parts?...the bike is an Aprilia 99 model RS 125 Rossi Replica.

  2. Man are you ok..appart from pissed off that is?
    :shock: Mate did you get the cagers details for insurance ?
    Was the cage doing a u turn infront of you?
  3. Im ok minus a few crazes and a swollen arm and thigh. The driver gave me his business card with his details, but unfortunately it wont do me much good as i dont have insurance. I've only had the bike 5 weeks.

    As i came around the corner i see this white holden infront of me...it was in both lanes and there was a car behind it, so i couldn't swerve around it.
  4. Sooooo. What help do you need?

    It's good that your not hurt to badly but what is it that you need? It's hard to offer assistance if we don't know what you need.
  5. Man HE was the one doing the wrong thing get into HIS insurance you dont have to be insured to put in a claim against HIS insurance!!!!
    Did the car behind him see what happened...A friggen Uturn on a blind bend is a NO NO!!!!
    Get a quote on your bike and get his insurance details ASAP.
  6. Im just after some info of places where i might be able to get parts...or if maybe someone knows somebody that works with Aprilia bikes and can help repair the bike?
  7. Ok I'll pull my head in..... :)
  8. There is an aprilia dealer near my work, but I don't know how far Area 51 is from Hobart :wink:

  9. Im down in Victoria...im aware of 3 Aprilia dealers, Brighton, Ringwood and the City store.
  10. Glad your alright! Poor Bike :(

    Should be able to get a quote from a dealer though and just let his insurance cover it?
  11. So if i get a quote from one of the dealers, i call up the driver and he will get his insurance to cover the costs?...do i need to inform the driver that i have no insurance?

    P.S. the driver is a Barrister and Solicitor...this sounds like bad news.
  12. I would get two or three quotes to get it fixed, and call up the guy, asking politely for him to fix, he then has the choice of paying out of his pocket, or getting his insurance to pay.

    Unless your real cynical, he being a barrister shouldn't have anything to do with it. I'm friends with two lawyers, neither would use thier position to squirm out of their responsibility. He'll probably be happy your not going aftrer him for medical costs.
    His insurance company on the other hand... that's different. :x

    If he asks for you to go through your insurance, just say no thanks, I'd rather not, no need to divuldge anything.

    Hey, its worth a try, might even get your bike fixed for free.

  13. Should i inform the driver prior to getting the quotes?...and also the idea of getting his insurance company to fix my bike really only depends if the driver is willing. The driver can just say it wasn't his fault or deny the incident?
  14. There is rarely such a thing as an accident. Normally someone is at fault. In pretty much all cases a driver performing a U turn will be 100% at fault (unless you were performing an illegal act..). A U-turn can only be done when safe and must give way to all vehicles. Doesn't matter where this is being done. If the corner was "blind" there should have been double white lines involved and as such the turn is illegal as well. Quite clearly if you hit a car doing a U-turn the car is at fault regardless of the corner visibility. He will know this and is probably just hoping you are too inexperienced not to persue it with him. Get some quotes and present him with the quotes. Make sure you write down all details of the accident. Time, date, location (go back there if you need to) etc...

    good luck.
  15. Don't take it to a dealer.
    They generally dont do the repairs themselves, they farm the work out, there is little quality control doing it that way.

    There are a few repairers in Melbourne.

    I can highly recommend Original Finish in Kilsyth
    9761 8033 Give Ian a call, show him your member card he'll look after you.

    As for the other driver, as long as you got his insurance details, go and get 2 quotes and send them to his insurance co. they will approve of one to take it to once they admit liability.

    Good luck with it all
  16. I'm no expert....

    Did you actually hit the car?, or was the damage done when you hit the dirt to avoid him?

    If you didn't hit his car, and he still stopped to give you his card, then he seems to be doing the right thing, he could of just driven off.

    Get the quotes first, don't tell him, then you could do a deal if your interested, ie tell him your willing to do the work, if he pays for the bits He'll be more likely to help if you show how much he can save on labour!

    But talk to the guy anyhow, ring him up and see what he says, you've got nothing to lose, and heaps to gain.

  17. I didn't hit the car...i braked as i came out of the corner, the back slid out and then threw me off. The driver managed to reverse out of my way just in time.

    I didn't exchange any details with the driver...he just gave me his business card and told me to call him.
  18. If he was in the wrong you don't need insurance he does! Got any witnesses?
  19. Pulling head back out now....Man if he said give him a call then he sounds the goods.
    From what you described he is in the wrong and may prefer to handle things outside of his insurance company.
    (Head back in and good luck with it bloke)
  20. I had a similar off earlier this year, the car changed into my lane and I braked hard to avoid him and lowsided. Fortunately, like you, the driver stopped and gave me his business card. I put my insurance claim in as a Not at Fault claim and the insurance company chased him for the repairs.

    Fortunately for me, my knee hit the road and was pretty bruised so I couldn't walk for some time... fortunate becuase an ambulance was called and the police automatically attend when an ambulance is called to a motor vehicle accident :D Thus the driver was fined for his actions making it a lot easier to get his insurance to cough up :D :D :D

    Whether you hit him or not, his actions caused the accident and he should pay. Moral of the story - always ask for an ambulance, even if you think you are ok, it is the easiest way to get the police involved without looking like that is what you are trying for! TAC will foot the bill in the end, so it doesn't really hurt you at all. (unless you did something really stupid and are likely to be the one charged!!)

    I hope that you are able to get somewhere with getting your bike fixed, good luck :)