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Need some help with paperwork please

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Removed_User_5, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Hey,
    I got papaerwork issues and I hope somebody can offer some light.
    I start at the start.......

    Wanted a bike so i went out and got my L permit. So thats ok.
    Now I bought a bike well bought it but its not at home with me yet due to papaerwork.

    Second hand bike is a Vt250c Honda. VERY nice and in excellent nick.
    So now im finding out about RWC, registration cost, duty on cost and stuff.
    Im 30 yo. im a temporary resident on a work Visa from Scotland.

    1, Should a second hand bike come with RWC certificate ?
    2, If not then how do I get the bike home ?
    3,Is the duty fee on price paid or market price ?
    4, Who is best for insurance ? never held a license of any description ever.
    5, Full comp or third party ?
    6, what a reasonable price for insurance if thats a viable question ?
    7, whats the order in which to get things done ?
    8, Can I get the RWC done on my own and where should I go ? Im living in KEW.Melbourne.
    I may have missed something that i not been told about yet so please offer any other advice i may not have thought of.

    Vic roads are confusing when you dont get the whole legal stuff and they talk to you like you already know al this.
    I dont....!!!!

    My bike is safe with the old owner and he is quite happy to keep it garaged until I sort all this out.
    I dont drive a car and I need to get to geelong to pick it up.
    So can I legally ride it home without it being in my name, no RWC and not registered in my name till i can get the thing to Vic roads to have an inspection done.....

    Its all tooooooo confusing to a complete novice.

    Any help would be great, especially on how to get the bugger to my house without breaking the law.
    I cant afford to step out of line at all since im not a resident as I get sent home.

    Just for a quick laugh IMMIGRATION refused me any help on getting a full residency because i dont speak competent english !!!!!! Go figure Im from Scotland. So my accent threw them...... I spoke better english than the indian guy who answered the phone. But those guys get on a GOD LIKE POWER TRIP when they get a question and its unfair how they can screw up your chances because the have the power to decline anything.

    Anyway I could go on for hours about Australian immigration......its all messed up.

  2. Ask the old owner for help getting the RWC , if it is in fact in such good nic,
    it should'nt be a problem.

    If the bike is in fact registered ( regardless of who's name its in and the bill of sale proves it's yours if your unlucky enough to get pulled over ) , and your licenced , it is totally legal for you to ride it home. But it would help to know it is Road Worthy 1st ... Hence the RWC :)

    Duty is normaly on what you paid for it unless you get a power freak and they insist on Current market value ... which can be to your advantage sometimes

    As for insurance ...... shop around is the only advise anyone should give :p
  3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Did you tell them the scottish phrase for Get fcuked? (translates to "Get fcuked" BTW)
  5. 1, YES, if the bike is currently registered. Legally required to be provided by the seller !!
    2, ride it home, since it's still registered and you do have a license?
    3, grey area, the lower if in doubt (don't tell anyone) :)
    4, Swann or QBE are the 2 biggies, Swann quotes through m/c dealers only
    5, your age, this type bike...possibly comp. Diff won't be that big??
    6, hard to tell, shop around, depends on variables, about $250-350/year?
    7, Previous owner HAS to supply RWC (you can arrage it ....but under his/ her name, cost ~~$50) Make sales contract between parties, state particulars of people and vehicle. Get transfer form from VicRoads, both parties to fill out.
    Ride bike with RWC/contract/completed transfer forms to VicRoads office and change ownership, that's it. No further inspections needed.Bring money (best is cash) to cover transfer ($30?) and stamp-duty (~~4% of stated purchase price).
    8, see above, bike-shops do RWC (but ofetn "find" something wrong to bolster their turnovers. Some car-places still hold RWC-licenses for bikes, ask around at the local servo, if they don't do it, they'll know someone.

    YES to the first part, wrong to the latter....see above !!

    And Fuggen RIGHT they are !!! :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
    I used to be a Kraut and still couldn't unnerstand a Scot !! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Good luck with the transfer.
    see ya on the road soon
  6. i probably mentioned that phrase several times but in my accent it could have menant anything as my accent apparently sounds offensive enough.
    I get it alot at my work ......!! Australians are great with the scottish accent.
    Some Oz girl back in Scotland said "you be fighting the girls off with an accent like that" but im still waiting to be attacked by the ozzy girls first

  7. Shows ya, you can't trust women :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    ah well, still leaves the boyz, doesn't it :p :p :p :p
  8. I've been here for 30 years and I'm still looking forward to the fight!
    I had a problem too with my accent in the early years, a girl in the Commonwealth Bank thought I was trying to rob her :oops:
  9. First step before you buy any vehicle, check to ensure isn't not stolen or under finance ... call the Vehicle Securities Register on 13 11 71 to obtain clear title - that is, to determine if there is outstanding finance on the vehicle. Quote the car's registration number, registration date, vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number and engine number.

    The bike can be currently registered, but the seller may not be transferring the registration, and thus plates, to you. You and the seller will complete a Vehicle Registration Transfer form provide by VicRoads - this will ensure that the registration and plates are also being transferred to you. In short, if they are also transferring the registration and plates to you (99% of time), then yes a RWC issued within the last 30 days must be provided to you by the seller.

    You need to purchase an Unregistered Vehicle Permit from VicRoads that is valid for 28 days. This will give you restricted allowance to ride/drive teh vehicle on the road for purposes of transporting the bike between home, place of purchase, VicRoads office, or to a mechanics to have it worked on to achieve a RWC.

    Legally, it is the fair market value or the purchase price whichever is the highest. As Pete says, everyone choose the lowest of course. It's fairly standard (although not openly discussed) for you and the seller to agree to complete the form with a price of around 10%-20% lower than what you actually pay for it since no-one likes to pay taxes. Just mention it to the seller and unless you get a really tight fisted accountant type, they'll be happy and in most cases I found the seller actually ask you what price you want to write on the form. As long as you don't put $3,000 for a bike that's clearly worth at least $10,000 no-one cares or notices.

    Ring around since no-one can know your driving history etc. Prices/Quotes can, and does, varying widley between insurers.

    How much you want to pay?
    If someone hits you and they don't have insurance, you'll want to fall back on yours. If you only have 3rd party then you generally can't do this. (Some 3rd party policies allow you to claim for damage to your vehicle from others, but that is generally only to a maximum small amount of $3,000 or so). If you have an accident, then of course without full comprehensive you aren't covered for your bike. If your using finance to buy, then most finance contracts also demand/require that you maintain full comprehensive on the bike whilst it's under finance.

    http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrpdf/randl/88196 Vehicle Reg Trans BW .pdf is the form you and the seller with complete for registration transfer. Grab a copy now as it has some info on it for you :)
  10. i reduced an asian girl at my work to tears when she asked for directions to a different department. I pointed to the stars and said "go up there and its on your right"

    She proceeded to cry and demand to see the manager as i had made a racist comment to her and I should be sacked.
    the manager beleived her and i was repremanded. Took me 2 days at my job to get that......
    I was then told to lower my tone and not to be so offensive.
    When a workmate stuck up for me my boss still said " it was the manner in wgich he said it in"
    Im afraid i cant change my accent but I will have no problem changing your face ya F(*&^ little C(*&^.

    Anyway 3 verbals and 1 written and all because of my culture and accent.
    I thought Australia was a multicultural society.....apparentley it is if your not scottish.

    Its all funny stuff.
    One chinese girl at immigration filled my application in and stated i lived in scotland which was a small town in England.
    And these people are responsible for my VISA. What the bollocks is going on....

    its all good.. until somebody gets hurt. im sooooo emotional
  11. ...you definitely sound more like a whinging pom than a scot to me..... :evil:
    get onya boike and forget the crap :? :?