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Need some help.. like really.. no jokes

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Matty^GTR, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Yesterday i was suppose to go overseas... woke up early feeling ok, headed to the airport everything was sweet...

    we had brekky and all the rest of it and we boarded the plane...

    i felt ok.. then the plane started to take off.. wasnt so bad.. till it actually left the ground.. i found myself gettin very scared... it eventually reached its cruising altitude and by then i was stressing... i was so terrified that i couldnt do anything but freak out... i was shaking, vomiting, and having panic attacks all the way to sydney..

    the plane landing was the best part and i couldnt wait to get off...

    so thats where my holiday ended.. i couldnt get back on the plane.. i tried so hard but i just couldnt do it.. i realised that i have a phobia of flying...

    having never flown b4 i obviously didnt know.. but now know.. and i need help

    I WANNA FLY.. i just need someone to help me get there... can anyone or does anyone know who could possible help me???

    Thanks guys

  2. Hypnotherapist? High doses of alcohol? Propranolol?

    OR there's always

  3. i dn. cheap psychiatrist->perscription->pharmacist->dugs->cocktails->hawaii?
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  5. i'll finish fixing the hilux up, and take you for a spin.... Any other form of transport will feel 100% safe!

    My suggestion would be to perhaps go to the simulator out at Tullamarine, and have a go. See how much training and knowledge it takes to fly and understand one of these things. You could always try going for an "introduction Flight" in a small craft like a cessna 152(like me), you soon appreciate size, even if your not afraid of flying.

    Otherwise, you can always get a sleeping tablet, or something stronger from a doctor... "wake me up(or drag me down) when i get there nurse!"
  6. There used to be a course out there that was run in collaboration with Qantas. The website seems to be off line so it may not run any more: http://www.fearlessflyers.com.au/

    But there should be some other courses available with a small search. Good luck with it.
  7. First time flying, have a friend that you could take with you?
    Might make a difference.
  8. i had to drive home... i tried to get back on the plane to fly home.. but i just couldnt..

    as for having a friend.. i had my dad n sister with me..

    might look into this simulator thingy.. and ill for courses :)
  9. I don't know much about phobias, but flying used to scare me as did being out of my depth in sea water.

    But I figure, I am gonna miss out on so much if I let these things take control, so my attitude now is "if i die, I die doing something I love", and the fear is not so prevalant (my mortality is just accepted). In a plane, I just surrender to fate - fretting and worrying wont make the plane land any faster.
  10. One of the things that makes people nervous is the strange noises and bumps that happen. If you don't know what's happening then you fear the worst.

    If you have someone who has the right experience then have them fly with you and explain what's happening. The initial revving up of the engines to get thrust, the thump when the undercarriage comes up etc. etc. This might help.

    First, try the simulator so you can understand what actually happens - I know it's not cheap but there's a full 737 simulator in the city at the QV Centre (Lonsdale & Swanston Streets)

  11. Maybe try paying for a short flight in a cessna.
    If you can see what the pilot is doing (and talk to them) it might not seem so intimidating.
  12. Nadeen is the same, she will not sleep or eat before getting on a plane, she almost is in tears getting on or even watching me get on one, I have even witnessed her crying hysterically getting off the plane in Coffs because the plane hit some heavy turbulence on the way in.
    She is a control freak and thats her main problem, she is not in control on the plane.

    But I'll give her credit, as much as she is terrified of flying, she will still fly when she has to :) , Mr Jack and Daniels help her out on the plane when I can't go with her :LOL: Last flight to Melb she admitted she almost rolled down the rear stairs she was that .. um ... happy :LOL:

    It's a 18hr trip by car Coff's / Melb or 4hrs inc a stopover in Syd by plane. and ATM it's cheaper than the petrol it cost's to drive.

    So to the OP , yes you can get over the phobia if you really want too :)
    You just have to find a way.
  13. There has been decent success using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for this type of anxiety. I know...it's a funny name, but people can respond well to it. Finding a psychologist it your area who could use this approach with you could prove helpful, especially as you say you WANT to fly, so it's not like you're trying to do something you don't really want to do. It is targeted to fixing the problem, without delving into other stuff like mother issues. Easier to find would be a psych experienced in using CBT.

    Firstly, even understanding the process of a panic attack can demystify it. Try this link, I had a quick scan through and explains the basics. It explains the fight or flight response. It can be very helpful in some circumstances, but unfortunately it is getting triggered at an inconvenient time in you. Note how it sets of a whole bunch of physiological events which you are finding difficult to consciously control.

    Includes: ^breathing, heart rate, seating, ^number of thoughts wizzing through your head, the need to escape, the worry you'll make a fool of yourself, and the fear of the fear can develop -> not fearing the plane, but fearing that you'll have a panic attack.

    For actively trying the ACT or CBT techniques, you'd probly be best off having someone walk you through it.
  14. I'd be far more scared about CBT than flying if I were you:
  15. You can trust Loz to find something like that... :shock:

    I reckon Loz' bookmark list would make fascinating reading...

    At least that version of CBT would take anyone's mind off flying... :LOL:
  16. Do you understand what you're scared of? If you can understand exactly what you're thinking, it makes it a whole lot easier.

    Otherwise you could try this

    or even this
  17. No jokes here ... just a giggle :wink:
    Seriously, mostly good advice given here.
    Phobias can and will effect a person to the extent that one really believes they are in Danger. I'd try the Hypno, simulator ,,Oh and alcohol before boarding can help settle the nerves.
    I myself had a fear of water. It was only 5 years ago I begun water-skiing,( freshwater), then not long after I figured I'd better learn to swim :shock:
    I still have a fear of sea water and don't feel comfy travelling at high speeds, esp around corners :roll:

    Good Luck !
    PS: Where overseas were you going?
  18. Regarding last two posts:

    It is common for people to have these experiences without actually being afraid of the situations that set them off. That is, consciously a person may completely understand the safety of flying and/or be willing to take the small risk to do it. However the situation becomes a trigger for panic attacks none the less.

    So an understanding of the situations that set off the panic is one thing, but also understanding the mechanisms of a panic attack and tools to cope with them can be more helpful.

    As mentioned earlier, it is possible that since the panic attacks were uncomfortable and happened on a plane, next time the idea of flying is scary as you can be afraid of having a panic attack, not afraid of flying per se.

    The good news is, despite what your over-active brain can sometimes tell you, you won't have a heart attack, you won't suffocate and you won't die from having a panic attack. It's just very very uncomfortable. Remembering that might not solve the problem, but at least you know where you stand.

    Regarding Loz:
    I would hate to see your basement mate.
  19. Fear can often be reduced by knowledge. Most fear seems to be caused by ignorance of facts - something we riders are particularly aware of.

    Phobia, on the other hand, is something completely different. A good counsellor/shrink would help there.

    A friend of mine is 'phobic' about moths. She tried the information route, and now knows alot about moths - but its the 'flappiness' of them that scares her. Irrational it may be, but it is none-the-less unrequitable fear.
    Still, if I want her out of the room all I have to do is say "now where has that damn moth gone?" - never fails.

    Try and work out if its just a fear, or if its a phobia. Then there is alot of good suggestions posted above as to how to proceed from there.
  20. +1

    Go see your doctor preflight about panic attacks and valium will be prescribed without an issue. BUT be careful where your flying to when you take drugs with you cause u could end up on the news for all the wrong reasons.