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Need some good Motorbike movies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Got a new clubhouse happening and i said id help stock up on the movies
    short list so far

    -ghost rider (nicholas cage version)
    -ghost rider 1 - 4 (crazy sweedish hybusa version)
    -motorcycle diaries (south american movie)
    -tourque (loks cheap and takie)
    -the fastest indian (not bad)
    -whole bunch of dirt crash movies

    anyways im after some more movies but i cant think of any.

    I know there was a cheap hollywood one realesed about the same time as torque but dont remember the name.

    and there was a well made doco about guys on choppers in the states if someone could remind me what it was called
  2. Get On Any Sunday, and throw Torque in the bin.
  3. what about 'biker boys' its not as crap as torque eg it doesnt have bike sword fighting in it...........
  4. The Long Way Round with Ewen McKenobi and some other guy... Not really a movie (it's a few hours of documentary), but it will convince you that you need to buy an adventure-touring bike and go on leave from work for 6 months. :p
  5. Stone.
    Mad Max.
    Dust To Glory.
    Any of the Irish road racing.
    Any of the Isle of Man.

  6. black rain
  7. Endless Love

    Sound of music

    Sleepless in Seattle

    Any of these should make you stop watching movies and go play with your bike!
  8. Why would you want to watch ghost rider when you can live it? :p

    Cool as Ice

    Stu-Pid riding (similar to ghost rider but its more real)

    oh, and "Naked Under Leather" starring Marianne Faithful.
  10. For that international feel you could try DHOOM
    But you will have to get my copy off glipschitz who has had it for a year
  11. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

    Paris Dakar - Documentary. By the same guy who did the trip with Obiwan
  12. :cool: :cool: Top Gun

    I swear it has a bike scene in it:

    "Maverick you big stud! Take me to bed or loose me forever"

  13. Faster,
    The Doctor the tornado etc.
  14. +1 to Easy Rider
    +1 to Biker Boyz

    those are da bomb - I really enjoyed Biker Boyz - cool customized sports bikes - it's like the Fast and the Furious but for Bikes. (so if you're into Rice rides then this wil be a good movie to drool over)

    Top Gun will just make you wanna gun the thing down the road afterwards while listening to Danger Zone hahahaha

    'Jesters dead yeeehhaaaa!!!'

    (bout Motorcycle Diaries - the motorcycling only lasted for around 20-30 mins of the movie... the rest they walked and hitchhiked and whatnot - not really a motorbike movie but more of a "I'm gonna start my own Revolution" sort of movie)
  15. A lot of the old steve mcqueen movies had good motorbike scenes in them, and you cant beat the great escape as a movie.
  16. I'd call it a motorcycle movie because it pretty accurately represents a true adventure tour. They may not ride motorcycles too much, but the spirit of adventure is what it's about, so they're definetly motorcyclists. And the Norton they ride is so mean!

    Get on any sunday.
  17. Get "On Any Sunday" and throw the rest in the bin! Marvel at the skills of Mert Lawill and Mark Breslford, who were taking risks Ghost Rider hasn't dreamt of yet, but on dirt, 42 weekends a year, on crap tyres and for pathetic or non-existent purses.

    Watch Malcolm Smith win his Gold Medal at the ISDE in Spain, and ride back DOWN the famous WidowMaker hill.

    I could go on.......
  18. how about BMX Bandits? lol :p
  19. don't listen to the haterz - Torque is cool :cool: