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need some advise

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ilovemynsr150sp, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. hey everyone...i am currently lookin for a new exhaust system for my nsr 150...i had a look at tyga... now i had a stroll through ebay and this silencer came up...just thought i should ask if its any good...here is the link:
    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Carbon-Fiber...ViewItem any comments would be appreciated

  2. Wow, that's quite a nice looking fake Yoshi product. Almost kindof looks like a real one. But not quite.

    Might improve your engine performance by a maximum of 1%. Might not.

    I wonder how long it will take to arrive from China? Doesn't say.
  3. hey thanks for your reply, it sure look good but i think i should rather go with the tyga product...most power is made through changing the chamber right? cheers, :wink:
  4. Re: need some advice on NSR exhaust

    That's a muffler only, not the exhaust. It won't change anything except the appearance.

    The Tyga chanber and muffler combo might add a little (but not much) power to your NSR150. I phoned an owner with such a setup earlier in the year, and he said it made a different noise - and that was about it.

    It appears that the bike tested and modded on the Tyga site was a home-market, restricted bike, or else the bigger carb kit (no longer available) is the real reason for the improvement.

    I am working on a modded airbox lid and appropriate jetting - I'll try to report back in a week's time. :)


    Trevor G
  5. IF there are no other restrictions, yes you are right. The expansion chamber was invented by an east german guy during the cold war, and the east germans' MZ two-strokes won some ridiculous number (20?) of grand prix before someone defected with the plans.

    These days, stock expansion chambers are not bad, they usually give a broad spread of power that is easy to ride, but an aftermarket system may provide more power at the expense of a narrower powerband.
  6. Holy sh*t its a 150! :shock:
    Besides audio satisfaction the amount of power potentially increased will be a bee's dick.

    The overwhelming factor in generating a reciprocating engines power is engine volume. RPM second and lastly compression.

    You need to quadruple the RPMs in order to effectively double the power gains of upping CC's.

    You'd be better off putting some high quality tyres, like a set of qualifiers or pilot power's etc. rather than an exhaust. Plus do some track days with the money.

    Or (as for the reason below) get some gearing changes to deliver your powerband at lower road speeds.

    Two strokers only live in a very narrow power band, which is a pain in the ass to maintain in normal riding conditions. Drop below and you have the pull of a electric wheelchair. You also get it all at once, not linear.
  7. hey thanks for your replies guys... and yeah pro-pilot i get your point but my factory system in fallin to bits so i thought it would be easier and better to buy an aftermarket one :grin: ok so from what i have figured the chamber and the silencer dont add much hp but i need a new silencer so should i go for the combo or for the silencer only? thanks
  8. From memory the genuine Honda item (muffler) is around $80.

    The tyga system will cost around $225 with freight - check their online system, it works well.


    Trevor G
  9. A end can will theoretically increase airflow and power. Not sure with that one, it looks a bit dodgy.
    From what i hear the tyga stuff is pretty good. U will defently get some increase power through out the rev range if its jetted right.

    U also save a Shit load of weight. Comparitive my std rgv end can weighed nearly 2kg. The carbon jolly moto one was only 800g. the expansion chamber saved a good 5kg each/