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Need some advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. not long ago i was going under to park my bike, we have a automatic secruity gate. Basically it was coming down, though it has a sensor and should go up if something sets it up. Now the problem is as i was going through it woulden stop and has taken off one of my mirrors and of course i dropped the bike as i was have been squashed. do i contact the strata? as this was not my fault at all

  2. Man how are you gonna do that lol. They'd probably hang up on you.
  3. The gate has always had a problem and they should have insurance for these problems. expesh as im a rider it could have killed me
  4. OK, Matti, the gate is obviously not sensitive enough to register a bike being under it, where it would be if it contacted a car bonnet or roof, for example. I think you should certainly contact the committee and alert them to the on-going situation, and see if there is some means of redress for the existing damage.

    That said, I bet buried somewhere in the fine print is a clause about the owners accepting no responsibility for anything of any sort at any time (but still expecting the rent on time :roll:).....
  5. The sensor is in a stupid place also , this does not help me out. half the time the gate dosent work. the person who owns my place is on the committe. i looked and its only $45 to replace but that should not be my problem

    and also this was m first ride after my bike has been playing up and finally fixed too. can i ride with 1 mirror?
  6. Youl only get useless things here, call a lawyer or do some realsearch
  7. I would not ride without a mirror, unless I will have to ride it to a repair shop or home after the insident. Otherwise not worth taking the risk.
  8. as long as its your RHS mirror
  9. Either present it to them as a medical/compensation issue (so mere compensation for damage is a cheap way out), or swallow it. Expect a very harsh attitude to house inspections/late rent if you do. And also be ready for them to just know it won;t be financially worth you pursuing them. And try not to actually get worked up about it: the whole public realm is designed to be anti-bike- if you feel genuinely aggrieved by this, you will be 'surprised' by metal plates, blind 4WDers, cops who single you out for tickets, cars reversing over your bike when it's parked etc etc.

    You have to imagine yourself as wearing a 'relect George Bush' T-shirt in Baghdad, as it were.