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need some advice...problem solved thanx :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kittykat001, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Hi this is my first post on netrider and comes at a bad time.I just purchased my first bike a zzr250.I was ment to collect the bike on tuesday with my boyfriend, but the owner phoned me on saturday night and said he could drop it off to me if it helped on sunday..

    I accepted the offer and got the bike which was great..I was really happy.
    This is where i made a big mistake.When i got to work today i was telling some workmates about the bike and they asked me if i did a revs check..I had forgot all about it...So i did a check and it says it has finance owing.I have tried to contact the owner 3 times today and have had no reply.Is there anything i can do if he does not respond?

    I have his address lic nb etc? But he is in newcastle.I no i have made a big mistake but would appreciate any advice....Thanx katie :)
  2. Shouldn't be to hard to fix, don't know how, but i'll let you know as soon as i do.
  3. I guess you can keep your fingers crossed that he's in the process of cashing your check (or whatever) and paying off his loan today and it will all be OK. If not, I'm sure there will be people here who can advise you on what to do.
  4. Oh yeah, how are you finding the bike?
  5. well i absolutly love it...I have had no time to ride it yet..I just gave it a good polish yesterday afternoon :)....I hope that he is just busy as you say.If i have not heard anything by tomo then i guess i will worry
  6. If you can, cancel the payment, then he'll come running.
  7. i gave him cash for the bike...He said he preffered cash
  8. Got any brutishly large, male friends/family???
  9. yes i have...and we have already thought of that..Just thought if worse comes to worse can i get the police involved?One thing he said was that he was selling the bike as he is going to perth to live next week...I put his address into google search and his place is for lease from the 17th of feb...So he must really be going there..
  10. At the same time, finance companies are notorious for taking weeks to clear a finance lien.
  11. some major developments....i contacted revs..they advise money still owing thru yamaha finance.I contacted them ..they tell me that the money is NOT in the name of the person whom i purchased the bike from...The guy who i bought it from has since called me.He told me he paid cash for the bike and bought it from a dealer in newcastle..So he never did revs check himself...

    I have now contacted the dealer and given them a call...They say they will call me back....Holy cow...what a mess
  12. I would think if there was a dealer involved between when the finance was taken against the vehicle and when you took posesion of the vehicle then the dealer would have to be made responsible.

    These sort of issues are the reason people buy through dealers, so that they don't get stung.
  13. we have a conclusion....

    The bike was indeed purchased from dealer for cash by the previous owner.

    The bike had clear title at the time of that sale

    yamaha finance somehow stuffed up with the processing of a vin nb...
    the bike that there is finance owing is somewhere in qld....not my bike

    they said it will take a few days to clear up

    thanx for everybodies input

    happy days :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  14. No reason why you still can't ride it like it's stolen though :twisted:.
  15. HAHAHAH Sing it again Brother
  16. What a relief that must be for you Kittykat, now you can really enjoy the bike :grin:
  17. Thats a pretty lucky turnout for you, it could have ended up being very messy and painfull.

  18. i can think one one reason but i wont say :LOL: