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need some advice - planning on a 1000cc bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by notabadrider, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Am in the market for a 1ltr bike ... And R1 is there on top of the list. I'll probably end up with a fireblade or an R1.

    I was after some realistic dollar values on the maintanence costs, repairs, Insurance .... and on .... Am planning for a 2004 + model of these bikes...

    I have $ 13500 as the budget for the bike.... is that some where close to be realistic?

    And if any of you are planning to sell a similar bike .... by all means lemme know ...

  2. I happen to have a 2003 CBR954 Fireblade for sale. It's on E-Bay at the moment (type in Fireblade in the search field and it's the yellow and black one).

    As far as maintenance costs go, basic services are done every 6000kms and cost me $200 each time at the local Honda Dealership. The 24000km service was the biggie and cost just over $400.

    Insurance for me (32, rating 1) is around $800/year.
  3. Just to give you a price check, the suzuki gsxr1000 was selling for $16490 +orc (which im sure you could negotiate) for a brand new k6. For 13.5k id like to think you could do better than an '04 if you hunt around in the litre class... alternatively, save some more and buy something with a warranty and no skeletons in the closet :wink:
  4. A litre class superbike is going to be an infinitely different beast to the ZR-7.
    My only suggestion is go and test ride one before you decide in your mind that this is what you must have. And by test ride I mean spend atleast half an hour on one.
    If you haven't already you'll be in for a surprise.
    Either a 954 or a 01-03 R1 will be a fantastic bike but they're very narrow in their focus.
  5. The 954 is alot broader in it's focus than the newer CBR1000RR.
  6. Thanks guys, that was quick ....

    Well moving from a ZR7 on to a superbike is a very big change over ..... had the same feeling when i moved in from the 150cc bikes in india to the ZR7.... it should be fine when i get one and ride it for a while ..

    Dale, mate will have a look .... on to ebay .... would have to do it from home as its restricted here at office .... Grrrrrrr...

    I had another question .... With the new bikes having the exhausts under the seat .. is it bad when there is a fall .. I guess the plastics under the seat will take quite a shock .. is that very expensive to fix?

    thanks again guys ....
  7. I saw a couple of CBR1000RRs (ie. 2004 model) for around the $13k mark when I was shopping rabidly for one a couple months back. I reckon it's quite realistic to expect you can get a 2004 for 12k or so in midwinter, yeah.
  8. You could grab a brand new 06 Yammy FZ1 naked for $13.5k, from one the Yamaha dealer in Hoppers Crossing I think it was. Saw it on bikepoint recently. That's about $2.5k lower than normal! It's *nearly* an R1, just slightly fiddled tuning but apparently it's not much shorter on aggresiveness. They look good too.
  9. In a fall, something is going to get damaged to a certain degree. An underseat exhaust will be protected more than a standard mount one, but the rh bodywork on sportsbikes would be exposed.

    As I say, something will be damaged no matter what, and parts for new bikes are not cheap these days. Underseat exhaust or standard mount, doesn't really matter. All just personal preference.
  10. Oh also, if the fall is big enough, it will all be damaged anyway!
  11. Consider a gixxer. You can probably pickup a 2003/2004 GSX-R1000 for around that if you look around. The handling and power on a 03/04 is awesome.
  12. You getting rid of the Blade Dale?? :(
    That's a nice bike, only seen it on that Yea ride but it looked and rode impressively... you riding the VTR now??

    I've been looking around at similar bikes and wouldn't be suprised to see an '04+ Blade go for around $13k... especially in Winter, it's the buyers market :grin:
  13. Yeah It would be nice to keep it, but the Storm is more "me". And I'd much rather see the Blade go to a new home where it will be ridden.

  14. 2004 CBR1000RR Fire Blade

    Insurance: Rating 1 Comprehensive. 1st year $1850 from swan via Peter Stevens, 2nd Year $1350 QBE with a $1500 excess (added excess not a good idea imho now)

    Tyres: Pilot Powers and Diablo Corsa rear lasted about 5-6000km and front about 12-14000km but I ride like a granny some people only get 2000km out of rear. Rear tyre is about $280 give or take front is about $180 give or take

    Services: every 6000km is about $250 the majors at 12000km were about $500.

    Repair costs: A LOT

    Fuel: tank has 18 litres ranges between 160km and 250km again how agressive you are here will make a difference. It was only once the bike had done 40000km that I started to push towards the 250km highway miles level.

    This is all wild figures of the top of my head so expect some variation.

    whole lot more info to be found at www.fireblades.org
  15. OMFG... $1850 even at 27y.o... damn :shock:

    Here I was thinking I only had just over a year til I hit 25 and would get good premiums :cry:
  16. Nope, anything on the newer edge of the 1000cc range will mean big $$$ for insurance. On the other hand, if you step back a generation (or two) or even just a couple of years then the 1000cc bikes become alot more affordable insurance wise. My '92 FZR1000 is $178 for 3rd Party or ~$700 full comp with a standard $500 excess (plus all the under 25 male with a deathwish crap...). Those prices are through Western QBE who were significantly cheaper than all the other prices i was offered.
  17. That's right. My '90 GTR is $173 a year comprehensive to insure, although I am over 30.
    It should be noted that most insurers are using 30 as their upper limit for a youth excess now, not 25........

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. why do i have a feeling that there are more Fireblade fans than R1 fans ...

    After reading the costs of insurance and repairs ... am kinda feelin may be the R1 costs are a bit more .... umm... have loads of calculations to do ...

    Some inputs on R1 would be gr8. Anyways am going huntin this weekend at bike shops around melb ... so lets see how i go.
  19. how come your stuck on a litre bilke? 200cc one way or the other would give you a lot wider range of choices