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Need some advice on gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Robb0, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys

    Need alittle advice. I'm new to riding just got my L's monday and I'm looking at upgrading/ getting extra gear. What I have now is a MDS helmet(Came with my Bike), Dri-Rider Airmesh Jacket, Dri-Rider Nordic 4 boots, dri-rider drimesh summer cruiser gloves and ixon textile pants with knee pads.

    Now witch out of theses items should I upgrade first?

    Now I'm looking at upgrading my helmet to something better was looking at getting a HJC helmet cause MCA have some on special http://www.mcas.com.au/_products.php?subcategory=197 was looking at spending round the $350 mark anyone here had any experence with HJC helmets? What other brands should I look at for that price range?

    Now the jacket I think the one I got is good. Was gonna buy the liner for it for when it rains. When it get colder might buy a winter a winter one. What sorta jacket should I look at for winter? Does a Leather jacket keep you warm in winter?

    I'm also gonna buy some waterproof gloves too Anything to look at when I get em?

    Boots I think will do for awhile cause there brand new and do there job better than plain shoes. Unless you's really recommend I upgrade.

    Now pants was looking at draggin Jeans with knee pads and using my Ixon pants for winter/rain cause they have a liner. Do you think its a upgrade from my textile pants to draggins?

    I dont use my bike to commute to work everyday. I just use it for the lesure and for just plain good fun. Maybe every now and then may ride to work.

    Think that is all I wanted to know so far. Sorry bout all my questions :( gotta learn some how and cant always trust sales guys.

    Thanks For the help everyone has been so far. :)


  2. I've never hears of that brand of helmet, but the other gear all sounds like good stuff.

    Is there a reason you feel the need to upgrade?

    Boots, ya gotta have boots, jackets, you need one for summer and you need one for winter.

    Gloves, same, one pair for summer one pair for winter, you get what you pay for, I have thin winter gloves that are very warm but they also cost me $220, my summer ones cost $60 and they worked very well :)

    I wear draggins when im out and about, did 10 days in tassie with just draggins, they survived my crash very well ;) But I have ridden in slacks, jeans & shorts.

    At the bare minimum, I would stick to some brand of kevlar jeans though, normal jeans dont last at all, trust me ;)

    Don't appologise for asking questions, it's the only way to learn.
  3. I just thought the MDS helmet cheap plastic shell ($120) I got wouldnt have as much protection as a fiberglass helmet and spose on the more dearer helmets the vents might be bit better.

    I just thought I could do with a slightly better helmet that will give better protection

    Oh by the way I think MDS is made by AGV.

    Thanks for the advice.
  4. with gears, i like shoei & alpinestars.

    get gloves first, hand iscrucial :grin:
  5. what they said ^^^^^

    If the helmet is 2nd hand I would make that the first priority. There are plenty of brands around the 350 price range so its really a case of trying different shops and brands to see which one fits you best. Tip: apart from the usual Aus Standards, see if you can find something with the additional SNELL or DOT approvals as these have been through more stringent testings in addition to the Aus ones.

    That comes down to personal choice. There is mainly leather or codura. Leather offers best general protection but unless waterproofed will get wet and heavy if youre caught in heavy rain. Codura is more light weight, waterproof and also cheaper than the leather jackets but both generally have liners available for additional warmth.

    Again a personal choice if you want knuckle or finger guards etc but generally when you put gloves on, you should not be able to remove them easily like a pair of mittens, main reason being if you were to be sliding down the road the loose fitting gloves would have already removed themselves & your hands would be exposed.

    Generally all your gear sounds ok so long as it fits !
  6. ^^^^^good advice
    When trying on helmets dont be afraid to try on every helmet in the shop and keep them on for at least 10 minutes each. Ask for fitting advice from the sales people.
    When i got my helmet i was walking around mca for 4 hours with helmets on, got a great fitting one :p
  7. Brands of helmets in your price range:

    Shark, KBC, Some AGV, Nolan and a few more.

    All the above mentioned are good quality.

  8. In terms of your jacket the textile dririder should be fine for winter, it should have a removable insert for the rain proof liner and winter liner.
    This should get you through winter and save you a few dollars to buy winter gloves, etc. Wait till after winter if you want your leather, or keep your eye out for a few sales that seem to kick off during winter on leathers.
    Make sure you lok afetr those hands, you cant ride a bike without em :wink:
    Good luck with your riding :grin: