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Need some advice on back protectors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gsxxer, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. hi at the moment i have a dianese sp 2 back protector which i paid a good deal of money for thinking that i was getting one of the best ones out on the market.

    however ive found it to be uncomfortable even after 20 mins of riding. it seems to hold my spine in a way that puts a strain on my shoulders and they get very sore after a while.

    im fully expecting people to offer me a cup of HTFU, and i have put up with it for several months now, but its kinda pointless to wear a back protector if its screwing your back every time you wear it.

    while the dianese has only 2 small straps going over the shoulder, i have noticed some protectors which have much more substantial fitting around the shoulders and neck. bmw protector i think?

    i guess im looking for some more options for back protectors, or any opnions on these problems

  2. Is it holding your spine the way it should be and is it just a matter of you getting out of your "bad posture" habit???

    I have one, have had it for years, and aside from the velcro needing replacement it has never caused me any discomfort.
  3. well i thought that, ive ridden with and without the back protector. no hint of soreness without a protector, definite discomfort with one.

    im very relaxed on the bike, i cant spot problems in how i sit based on what ive been told from instructors or other riders
  4. I have a fieldsheer one and hardly notice its there under either my fabric jacket or leathers. how tight are your leathers? are they pushing it into an odd position?
  5. After trying on a number of back protectors i found the r-jays one the most comfy,had it for a couple of years and dont even notice it on.The yare a lot cheaper than the brand ones $99.00
  6. Hi All :)

    "Newbie" here, just got my L's two days ago :grin:

    My guy wears (under his textile jacket) a brand called "UFO" for which he paid around the $180 mark .. it's got nice broad shoulder straps and a midriff belt built in, which he describes as feeling like a really good kidney belt/lower back support .. he says he never notices it because it's very comfy and could wear it all day if needed :)
  7. hey OP, i think either you have appalling posture, and the back protector is holding you in a correct posture and this is uncomfortable for you, or you have the wrong sized/fitted protector?

    i have one of the Dainese Wave V2's or something along those lines, and i've found it comfy as, i dont notice it there really. i actually notice when im NOT wearing it.

    suggest you go to a shop and have one fitted, try it on and see how it goes.

    i rate either the dainese range, or the Forcefield T Pro.
  8. Nibor may be close to the problem you have, but it may also be a muscular issue.

    I bought a back protector a couple of months ago and used it on what was supposed to be a 500km+ a day trip. I managed an hour and a half before I had to take it off. It felt like it was bending my spine backwards, and was beginning to restrict my breathing. So it spent the next few days in the rack bag protecting my socks. :(
    When I got home a few days later, I booked in for a thorough back massage. The masseuse said I'd got really weird muscle tension on one side which was pulling my back out of shape. I think she stopped short of calling me Quasimodo.

    After getting my back pulled back into shape my back protector has been really comfy.

    So why not try getting a massage, and also have a good fiddle about with the straps on your back protector as small adjustments can make a big difference.