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Need Scooter LOAN/Tutor: ASAP

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mark Gibbons, May 24, 2013.

  1. So I attended an interview for my first job earlier today,
    I got the job. I'll be delivering food (mainly to hotels) on a Scooter.

    Issue is, I haven't ever ridden a scooter before, (confident in actual motorcycle riding ability, though) and since I start tomorrow at 6pm. (25th) and my first ride is on the 26th,

    I'm in some dire need to jump on one, get a feel for it, so I can at least pretend I know what I'm doing. I've heard some people say its nothing alike, and some people say it's the same thing without gears, just curious.

    Located in: Beaumaris, Melbourne
    about 15 minutes from CBD.

    I might be able to travel (but since my bike broke down last night) you'll need to be near some Public transport.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/onlineskill
    Phone: 0431573085 (texts only unless absolutely necessary)
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  2. It's exactly the same.

    Exceptions: rear brake on left grip, twist the throttle to go.

    To save yourself some embarrassment, you normally have to hold at least one of the bakes in to start the engine.
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  4. Another tip, if parking on a hill use the centre stand, as there is no park brake and no gears to hold it on the slope.

    Also if the kick stand is spring loaded i.e. it flicks up as soon as weight is taken off it, more reason to use the centre stand as they fall of the kick stands.
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  5. Thanks guys - yeah, tips are awesome. never even thought i'd ride a scooter, but now I kind of have to. I know about the brakes and such, wasn't aware I might need to hold a brake in to get it started, thats a good start. Thanks! :D
  6. very easy,
    even you could ride one Mark.
    good luck with the job interview.
  7. For the actual riding, they can be a bit twitchy on the steering compared to a bike. Take it easy til you get a feel.
  8. How did you go mate?

  9. Sorry for the slow reply;
    Got the job. Only struggle is those stands, I hate them!
  10. there is a trick to it, doest matter if it is 90kg scooter or 400kg tourer.

    push the bike backwards as you simultaneously push the centre stand down momentum and inertia does all the work.
  11. What is your bike ?
  12. Me?

    VFR when loaded up for a trip it weighs about 320kg's but i also have a scoot.
  13. Whoops no I was asking Mark ! Should have been clearer

    But you are completely correct about the centre stand. My last bike had one and momentum is everything !

  14. I have a CBR 250R MC19.
    I'm heading to the dealership tomorrow to try my luck at a CFMoto 650NK, see how it goes.

    The scooters at work are just these honda things, couple kymco's and a piaggio or something too. I know nothing about them.
  15. Just wondering if I have seen you in the area