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Need Saddle Bags (sport type) but worry about scratches/rubs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I'm doing another 1000km trip and I don't want to tie the old sports bag on the back with rope again :oops: . Last time I got some small rub marks on the duck tail and was wondering how the Oxford / Dririder bags stop this from happening? The tie down points on my bike seem to be under the tail so that anything hooked onto them will rub.

    A friend suggested clear contact. Clean the bike and then apply the contact to the "contact" patches. He said it's hard to see from a distance and protects as well. Anyone had any experiance?

    Also the ads for bags don't really make it clear if they are sold as pairs (seems reasonable) or each?

  2. I know the Motodry and Gearsack panniers are sold as pairs - but the Ventura (at least the smallest size) are sold individually. So it's definately worth checking especially if you're ordering online.
    Edit: Oh and in my case the panniers actually rest against the side rails of my bag rack - not sure if the Ventura rack for a GS500 would be similar though.
  3. If you get a pair of pannier brackets to go with your panniers, your problems solved. I have a set on my bike and they are great, cant tell you how much they are though they came with the bike.
  4. The rubbing is caused by dirt getting between the bag and the ducktail, and this can be made worse in the wet. In the past i've covered the tucktail with a lint free cloth, then a waterproof cover even a plastic bag to stop crud getting in. That worked pretty well. Fastening the panniers securely helps reduce rubbing too.

    The best thing homemade solution I've seen to date was a bloke who fashioned a small bracket that sat under the seat, and protruded out either side to space the bags from the ducktails. This also gave him better access to the underseat too, as there were no straps over the seat.

    Or go get proper pannier brackets.
  5. If you're going to be doing this regularly, it's probably worth your while getting a set of brackets made up for the purpose. If not, then I would still throw something over the bodywork before I threw the panniers over the top. Check your clearances on the exhaust too!
  6. I have clear contact on my tank to help prevent wear, it works quite well, from a distance you cant see it. It only shows up when the tank gets a bit dirty and then only at the edges of the contact.

    Just make sure that you get rid of any air bubbles when applying especially near the edges. As for removal, I haven't tried that yet.
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm not going to be using them all the time, maybe twice a year for a couple of 1000 odd km trips. The GS has a pretty solid tie down bracket below the tail and it should be possible to rig/get some hangers to keep the bags away. I think I'll go with the Oxford "1st timer Panniers, Large" these are expandable and seem to sell for less than 100 bucks and include the rain covers (last trip I got caught, you can read about it in the trip story section). I think I'll put some contact or fabric tape on the rub points and also maybe a nice fluffy towel :wink:

    Anyone use the Oxford panniers?

    Anyone got a 2nd hand tank bag for sale? :p (serious)
  9. Signwriting vinyl eh? That sounds like a bloody great Idea. I suppose you can get it in clear and I know it peels off cars etc without marking the paint. I'll check out the local shop and see is they have any of the auto type stuff.

    I've almost decided to go the seat top bag to remove a lot of the problems. I've just checked out the Motodry one and it's pretty big and the same L capacity as the two panniers combined and looks easier to attach.
  10. Yeah the sign writer stuff is good and is very cheap, and comes off easy as. It's also thick enough, without being too thick to stick on well. I like to use the coloured stuff on my bike as it looks better close up. I only use clear over stickers.

    I use a tank bag as well as panniers and can carry heaps. But I used to use a 52ltr Givi box on my old GS500E and I'me just waiting for the Givi top box wing to arrive from Germany (remove the pillion grab rail and it mounts there), so I can use my box on the F4i without the big ugly pipe racks like the stupid Ventura system.

  11. I have a pair of the Oxford First time Panniers and tank bag.

    Have done a few longish trips with them. No problems. Even got caught in the rain and it was not too bad [forgot about rain covers that time].

    All the straps etc need to be tightened but i duct taped them and it was finr after that. they did not come loose.

    Highly recommended but sorry not looking to sell though. :)
  12. Did yours rub anywhere? If they did, how did you stop it?

  13. i tried using an old t-shirt but that was not too good esp in the rain.

    the best solution was one of those anti-slip mats that you can buy at Big W for a couple of dollars. it looks like a waffle pattern rubber mat or those anti slip car dash mats. they wear out but are cheap to replace. And they go well in the rain.