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Need RWC and VIV inspection (Victoria)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nobby, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Almost ready RWC and VIV inspection

    Hi Guys, need a bit of advice on where to take a bike for RWC and Inspection.

    My son has been rebuilding a repairable write off (2007 C50 Spuzuki) and is almost at the "get it back on the road" stage.

    Hoping somebody can answer a few questions for us:

    What is the process for getting it registered/inspected?

    Can we get a permit to ride it to an inspection?

    How tough/strict are they?

    Any recommendations as to WHO to take it too on the Berwick side of town?

    This has been a big project for my son as last September he was hit with something called Guillain–Barré syndrome and was left in a wheel chair, 9 months gone and he can walk (can't run) and can't lift his leg high enough to get it over the seat of his R1.. but he's a stubborn bastard and he will win.

    In the meantime he will be able to get around on his 800cc mobility scooter, once we get the mongrel registered.


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  2. Tip on getting his leg over, has he tried putting one foot on the foot peg and lifting himself up?
  3. Hey Nobby,
    Sorry to hear about your son mate. Hope he heals quickly.

    I'm also in berwick, I would highly recommend going down and speaking to my mate Anton from Whinner Motorcycles. Down in Vesper drive.
    Not sure if he can do VIV's but he does RWC's. Fair bloke, cheap and very nice.

    He will be able to point you in the right direction if he cant do it for you. I know he does insurance valuations/repairs so, so he should know all bout VIV's.


  4. nobby, that repair looks schmick.
    i am all for determination and congratulate your son for his efforts.
    absolute best of luck on the whole re-register side of things.

    yes, you certainly can get a permit to ride the bike to/from the necessary inspections.
    from memory the cost has a TAC component,
    hence the price increases with the number of days you elect to pay for.

    the VIV is the tougher/more costly of the two.
    on the other hand it can be easy as long as you have done your homework.
    VIV is to determine if you stole the bike or stole the parts used to repair it.
    as such they are looking for is receipts/proof that you sourced all the parts legitimately.
    your homework should be a bunch of receipts and a photo dairy (if you did the repair work yourself).
    since he did do the work himself, he will also have to provide a stat-dec.
    (a declaration and signature that is usually made at a cop shop)

    when you make the VIV booking with VicRoads, they will allocate the VIV location you need to attend.
    due to the intent of the VIV process there are a limited number of workshops that can perform the VIV.

    i would recommend getting the VIV first.
    since a Roadworthy Certificate has a limited lifespan,
    and considering the VIV can potentially be knocked back a number of times.
    the VIV requires that the bike be in a 'Roadworthy Condition',
    but from memory i don't think that means you need a 'Roadworthy Certificate' at the time.

    book/get the VIV first, then the get RWC.
    at least you get to choose where you want to get the RWC done.

    having the to get both a VIV and a RWC is a scam/double-dipping (IMHO).
    since the VIV is supposed to scrutinise the entire vehicle as well as the repairs.

    at auctions if someone pays what you consider too much for a vehicle,
    you can almost bet they are unaware the VIV requirement,
    and the hassle it represents.

    don’t trust what i have written here.
    go over the VicRoads website with a fine tooth comb.
    it will cost you time and money if you miss anything that they can knock you back on.

  5. Thanks for the tips guys and Carver, big thanks for the advice and encouragement, I'll pass on both.
  6. Almost ready RWC and VIV inspection

    Bikes just about ready to hit the road, been a big project but she looks a lot better now than she did when he bought her.

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  7. Sorry to hear about your son, and happy to hear the fight he has in him!!
    What Carver said is spot on!! Mate I just want to wish your son all the best and a speedy 100% recovery!! God helps those who help themselves and seems like he's almost there !! :)
  8. I was asking Vicroads the other day about Viv inspections, i was told that the vehicle certificate you pay for will show a representation of damaged area's but the vehicle must be repaired to manufacturers specifications to pass a VIV..
    She said back to standard condition including body work and any cosmetic damage..
  9. Can'r offer any advice about getting the bike a RWC or compliance etc....

    However just wanted to say - what a beauty! Lovely looking machine, your boy should be proud.....

    Sounds like he's on the up and up and this "800cc mobility scooter" is just what the doc ordered eh? (y)