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Need riding tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kelvinc, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. I ride a supermotard and need some riding tips.

    Left turns are okay for me but I seem to be not so good at right hand turns and then tend to tighten up which makes it harder to turn/lean.

    I know that I need to loosen up so I will practice more. I read that you need to countersteer more once in a turn when the turn starts getting tighter which could be the issue.

    However, the other day, I started positioning myself closer to the fuel tank going downhill and felt that I had so much better control of the bike. I did this on a flat road and also felt that I had better control. A supermotard is almost flat so you can position yourself almost on top of the tank.

    Not sure why and wanted to find out if it does really make that much of a difference or was it all in my mind?

    Does anyone know where I can get some tips to improve riding a supermotard? These bikes seem to be highly technical and there is so much to learn.

    Thanks, Kelvin.
  2. Get a real bike. :bolt: :rofl: :D

    Sorry, had to be said.

    'tards... Hmmm, awesome bikes when you put road tyres on them. They corner better than most road bikes do.

    In terms of "riding position", I can't tell you much, I don't ride one, never have (hope I will one day). However, all the ones you see on the road, the rider is pretty much "on the tank".

    There will be no difference between the technique of riding a tard and riding a road bike.

    You gotta be loose. Try flapping your arms. Lean with the bike. If you are about to go around a right hander try and plan what you are going to do:

    1. Set your speed (nice and steady, doesn't need to be super fast)
    2. Hold that speed.
    3. Look where you want to go and keeping looking at the point
    4. Shift your body in that direction so your weight is on that side of the bike
    5. Push the bar and tip in

    Practice. Lots. You won't get good unless you practice. Lastly, try and get out to a local learner ride or organize with an experienced rider for some help. Only so much one can do online without actually seeing you ride!
  3. I've had well over 30000km of practice but still find right handers more difficult and unnatural to do than left handers. Will keep at it and hopefully get better over time. This is a common issue with many new and existing riders.
  4. I's suggest that by sitting closer to the bars, it feels more natural for you.
    And as an aside it also puts more weight forward onto the front tyre, improving grip. So you overall feel more comfy, but wait for one of the motarders to chime in. They will actually know, hopefully.
  5. Everyone has a preferred turning side. Lefts or rights. So no biggy.
    And a big yup for getting up there on the tank. Keep the weight there and the front will talk to you all day. Slide back and the weight comes off the front wheel. Not good. No communication or grip.
    This is enhanced on motards with their long travel suspension.