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Need riders for paid market research

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. I have another group I need to fill for a discussion group.
    This group will be held at Caulfield (Melb) this Saturday at 12pm.
    I need guys aged 30-55 who are either looking to purchase or have purchased a high end bike in the last 2-3 years. Bikes such as BMW, Polaris, Triumph, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, or a high end Honda or Kwaka.
    If you feel you meet these requirements and can make it on Saturday, either message me here or send an email to flipsresearch@optusnet.com.au
    If you don't fit the criteria but would still like to participate in some paid market research and you live in Melbourne, go to www.flippersmarketresearch.weebly.com and fill in a rego form. Don't forget to put Netrider in the referred section (y)

  2. High end as in purchase price or performance? Don't forget MV Agusta :p
  3. As in price.....hondas and kwakas selling at $25k plus. The other brands it doesn't matter so much. They didn't mention the MV Augusta, however if you are currently looking at buying 1 and can make it to the group on Saturday, I can find out for you.
  4. so is this going to be market research for the harley v-rod? ;)
  5. my suzuki is very offended now
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  6. Hey Flipper ..

    Bruce has both the MV Augusta RR and the Yamaha Vmax, both high end priced bikes and both purchased in the last 2 yrs ..

    would either qualify for the research ??
  7. Does 'was high end 30 years ago' count? :-s
  8. Kitt, yes he no doubt would. If he's free on Saturday at 12pm get him to message me his number and I'll give him a buzz to see if I can book him in.
    Still need 3 people so if he has a mate who also fits the criteria, they can go together.

    Duncan, I wish but sadly no 8-[

    MT1, so is mine. I tried to explain its all about quality but they laughed at me [-(

    Kernal, are you looking at buying 1? :-w
  9. would an old BMW K1100 count because my dad bought one recently, it was high end in its time.
    and flipper, I might test ride one to see how I liked it if I won the lottery.
  10. That would be a no!!!
  11. i don't really see anything specific in the OP that would disqualify the motorcycle/my dad. it's a high end bike for when it was built, the only difference with high end bikes today is that they were built recently.
  12. Nothing against your dad or his bike, but
    What planet have you been living on?
    Besides the engine configuration, what does the old BMW have in common with the new one? ABS, heated everything, suspension tuning on the fly.
    I recieved an email from them & as the OP states, in the last 2-3 years. the email actually also says "new".
  13. nothing, that's not the point. as the op states, in the last 2-3 years PURCHASE DATE, not build date. okay I did not know about the "new".
    geez, I just ask a simple question and get completely shut down by a guy who isn't even involved with the market research company.
    of course I had a good idea that the answer to the question would be a resounding "no", but how would I really know for sure without asking? why should my inquisitiveness be responded to with a metaphorical questioning of the planet which I have been living on?
  14. I bought a Fireblade 2 years ago and looking to buy a BMW K1600 in a year or so. However I'm not in Vic and thankfully not yet 30.