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Need Repairer in Sydney CBD Urgently

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Stueh, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Heya everyone,

    I'm not sure if this should go in General or Business Providers, but yeah.

    I'm riding from Adelaide following the coast to Noosa, and have stopped off in Kings Cross. I had the bike parked out the front of the backpackers I'm staying at on Sir John Young Cresent, directly below my window.

    I heard the bike alarm go off about 30 minutes ago, ran down there, to see a couple of guys picking up my bike. Some f***ing wankers had reversed into my bike, knocked it over, and just sped off.

    There were about 30 people outside ready for a pub crawl, and a security camera, and I don't have a number plate.

    Anyway, the right hand mirror is bent, rear right indicator needs replacing, weighted bar end needs replacing, paint scraped off the rear right half-fairing, and bars may possibly be bent. I'm moving onto Coffs Harbour Friday morning.

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend a repairer here in the inner Sydney area who could do the repairs before Friday morning. I can deal with only the mirror and indicator being fixed, but without the weighted bar end it'll be a pretty uncomfortable ride.

    I know I'm pushing for time a bit, but I don't want to have to cancel my hostel booking etc., as I'll lose more money on the deposits.

    Thanks guys.
  2. people in this city can be real fu#*knuckles sometimes...Dunno about repairers, but there's MCAS accessories down on Wentworth Avenue (near Central)... about a 3 minute ride away. There's also a wreckers on Euston Rd Alexandria (10 min by bike)... 'course these only help if you have tools :(
  3. It's an eye opener to ride in Sydney or Melbourne compared to quiet little Adelaide, I'll say that. A lot more honking.

    I just managed to get through to Balmain Motorcycles (Google Maps and the Netrider links directory were very helpful) and he said that he can't do a quote now (fair enough), but bring it in first thing in the morning and they'll have a look.

    Don't know what it'll cost me, but hopefully the bloke there will take pitty =\
  4. Good luck mate, keep us updated.
  5. I doubt he'll keep you updated, he's going to Coffs Harbour.
  6. Good luck to him anyway, nothing worse than being stuck in another city with a broken ride, even a city as beautiful as Sydney :). Could have been worse, could have been stuck in Melbourne lol just joking people :)
  7. Yep hopefully he got it all sorted is on his merry way as I type!
  8. G'day everyone,

    I'm nice enough to update and satisfy your curiosity :)

    Friday I went from Sydney to Coffs Harbour, and today made my way here to Surfers Paradise.

    I went to Balmain Motorcycles on Thursday morning, and they were able to replace the rear right indicator, but had no other parts. This was all I needed to make it roadworthy, so I left it at that for now.

    On the way out of Sydney, I was able to a get a mirror from a wreckers, as the Hornet 250 has the same generic mirror as the early CBF250 and late CB250's.

    Bar ends I need to get, which I'm hoping to get from a bike store here in Surfers. Managed to borrow a tape messure and steel rule from one of the workers at the place I stayed in Coffs Harbour, and worked out that the bars are fine.

    I did, however, find out that my rocker cover is scratched to all buggery from the fall. The guy was going pretty quick when he hit it.

    Being an import bike, I rang around wreckers near home (Adelaide) and most quoted $650 - $700 for it. Crap. Also sent pictures to a sprayer in Adelaide and he reckoned the whole fairing would need to be sanded and sprayed, so around $600 for that (Is this a bit steep? Seems like it ...)

    Aaaaah. Great start to my trip, huh?