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Need Remedial Massage recommendations - Melbourne's West

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hiya NR,

    I'm looking for some good word of mouth recommendations for sports/remedial/relaxation type massage practioners in or around the Altona area of Melbourne.

    My deluxe sports double thumper massager isn't cutting it at the moment.

    Time for some professional intervention!

    Recommendation, location and $rate would be appreciated.

    Thanks folks.

  2. If you'd venture as far as Kew I've got a friend that does magic voodoo freaky massage that makes you feel like you're on drugs for days afterwards. She's amazing.
  3. I think thats what Boo does Rob :?: ,not sure of her discipline though and albeit not in your area. If not,then she may know of someone who does as she's in the scope of that field.
  4. Thanks Loz, Thanks Movin.

    I was going to approach the NR's that I know that are in the game for some professional recommendations - Boo is one of those names.

    I'm really looking for a recommendation close to home and work though, for the local convenience factor... but that's a helluva recommendation!

    The natural therapies website has a bunch of folk listed... and there's a sports therapy place just up the road from my house... but you just can't beat a positive word of mouth recommendation. :)
  5. Whippet's just around the bay in Port Melb? Where's work, Rob? I'm in Malvern (just off Monash Fwy) and Hampton.
  6. Hey that's true, Whippet's awesome as well! Where has she been, I haven't seen her in yonks!
  7. Life's been throwing her some challenges, and her internet access is rather limited right now. However, I'm sure she'd appreciate a silly PM to put a smile on her face when she can read them :wink:
  8. Taa Pinkxie. Whippet will be getting a call. Apparently she's a shiatsu and deep tissue guru...

    Whippet has recently come along to a couple of Monday wesside coffees. I'm glad to report that the challenges life has been dealing her are being met. She's made of tough stuff. Top chick that :)

    FTR I live and work in the Altona area.
  9. Great to hear! It's been a few weeks since I've been in touch.

    From what I hear (although she and I haven't traded treatments yet) she's top notch and worth the travel :)
  10. Yarraville Health Group have a good sports/remedial/relaxation type massages
  11. Rob,
    the link below is a friend of mine Jazz, who is tiny Asian lady but is awesome, she is in Moonee Ponds, not sure if that's out of your way but it's a thought?

  12. Usually those with CM next to their names are the better massage therapists as they have training in sports, remedial and therapeutic massage.
    much like myself.
    They would have had training in anatomy as well ans physiology in order to know exactly where to massage properly.
    The australian school of therapeutic massage is where they have had their training.
    Ask me how i know :wink:
  13. Thanks Guys. :)

    Smee - do you have a CM next to your name too? CM=Certified massuese?
  14. g'day rob,

    i see you're up nice and late like all coooool people.

    just out of nothing more that absolute..im up late...curiosity... are you and smee good buddies? or do you only know each other by the written word?

    cheers :cool:
  15. :? @ Stump. Why?

    :-k So far no one has a first hand recommendation for any massuesererers around Altona. ...makes sense, we're usually a fairly relaxed bunch :LOL:

    Thanks to those who PM'd. :)

    Still happy to take local recommendations.

  16. I certainly do but CM is clinical masseuer/masseuse.
    due to work and family commitments though I haven't done much in the last few years.
    I need to renew my registration to practise so i can be covered by insurance, redo my ABN etc.
  17. I don't use "CM" next to my name, but I have training in all of the above. I have the Diploma of Remedial Massage, but trained at the Aust College of Natural Medicine. Is it just a different term or is there some extra training that I've missed out on?
  18. It all depends on the amount of training you received.
    The anatomy and physiology exams went for 2 hours each and were very thorough as was the practical assessment.
  19. We didn't have 2hr exams, but we had a few separate ones (we did them as separate subjects). Had to learn every freakin' bony ridge, what makes up a bone/muscle, what the diseases are, all the bony points and what attaches to it and what actions they perform and how disfunction is tested and how to treat it if they have this and that disease... We even had osteos teaching us assessment and techniques ... Eurgh! I thought it was all way over the top when I was learning it, but turns out I'm using it :)

    I think, as long as the massage therapist can be claimed on by private health insurance, they should have pretty much covered the study you're discussing. Although, I'm not as sure about some who studied years ago. They're experienced, but some don't have a lot of training.
  20. Roberto :grin:

    I sms'd you the details of Yarraville Health Group - 96897901. Val is a great masseur and alot of fun. She also does a bit of fish slapping (pranic healing) (which I also do occassionally - just quietly).

    You just need to tell her you want her hands on you!!!!

    She will be more than happy to oblige.

    Let me know how you go.

    And yes it's great to finally be back in the land of Netrider - thanks to my new computer and new life of freedom :grin: :grin: