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Need reliable and trustworthy mechanic around Castle Hill (for a Honda CBR)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Omarko, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. hi guys

    after getting seriously fed up with the place where I bought my bike from, especialy after they did not align my rear wheel properly after installing b pads which significantly wore out sides of my sprockets resulting me in replacing them including the chain, I am looking for a decent mechanic in the hills area in Sydney.

    Someone who really knows Honda sports bikes and actualy cares about what they do. Not looking for a service centre where they will give my bike to an apprentice who will use the wrong torque on the screws or takes the bike for crazy spin on the street.

    If you could post up some recommendations and good experiences you have, that would be much appreciated. Are the Action motorcycles in Parramatta any good ?

    many thanks in advance!!!
  2. hey Omarko,

    Road Track Trail 178 sunnyholt road blacktown.

    it's a smaller shop, the owner runs the shop and its mainly about servicing with some sales on the side rather than the other way around.

    only qualified mechanics, specializing in jap bikes. they even take pics of any major work.
  3. A bit late but I second RTT, good old fashioned personal service.
  4. Im taking mine to Hawkesbury Honda,
    I hear they are the best around for Honda
  5. They seem like a good shop but refused to work on my CBR400RR carby.......I can sort of understand though if they dont have the parts readily available as is the case with CBR400's. Even Honda doesnt have parts for them.

    Im going to try "MRD Motorcycles" in Blacktown, the guy seems pretty clued up, they also have an inhouse dyno, and the price was reasonable.