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need recomm. on naked bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cOS, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. hi everyone. I am looking at getting my first bike! how exciting! I need some help on whether the follow prices are good. i currently want a road bike, not a sports bike. my main sources are ebay, bikesales and tradingpost.

    91 gn250 61000km $1700
    01 cb250 low km $3000
    94 virago 51000km $3000
    82 cx500 $3000
    97 srv250 $3000

    taking into assumption these bikes are in sound conditions are they worth the price? previous post had gsf250 as a recommendation, but I couldn't find any. I am in no rush to buy anything unless its a bargin, I still need to book a training course. would any of you guys know a place with a low queue. the one in rouse hill is not available for booking till end of september.

    I would be sharing this bike with my partner. I can ride confidently but she is new. any advice would be appreciated. no arguements please, just positive comments, it makes deciding alot easier.thanks!

    oh I plan to use the bike for communting.
  2. G'day.

    If you're planning on commuting a fair bit on it, I would go either the Virago or the SRV - both Yamaha V Twins which are going to give you a little more go than a single cylinder GN or parallel twin CB. They'll also be more fun for your partner once she gets past the shaky learning stage and wants to do some real riding.

    If the SRV is in good nic, jump on it I reckon, good looking bikes, however the Virago is no doubt more comfortable - 3k for a 94 with 50,000km prolly isnt a great deal though.

    I dont know anything about the CX500 at all really, except that it was a v-twin mounted sideways (guzzi style) AFAIK. Could be thinking of a completely different bike though. Being old its probably quite heavy, a concern for your partner.
  3. Of those listed the SRV250 is a stand out winner in my opinion, (others may disagree), it's a torquey, nice handling bike that is rare enough to be interesting.
  4. Those prices seem realistic. Any of the bikes could be fine, but out of all those I would choose the srv250, nice little reliable bike. cx is too old (and look too damn weird!). cb250's are also very good learnesr bikes.

    Always good to take someone that knows what to look out for when you inspect the bike.

    The gsf250 is the Bandit 250.
  5. cOS, I can't comment on any of those bikes, since it's over 20 years since I owned a 250. But I should say welcome to Netrider anyway, and I hope you stick around and find the answers you're after. One thing is for sure, you're only about the millionth person who's asked the same question :LOL:
  6. Firstly welcome to the Forum

    WOW an 82 CX500 for $3,000 - I think I sold one in 85 for about $2,500 :shock:

    If it was my money, and first bike, the CB250 is the winner - only because it will be the easiest to sell and also IMHO the easiest for your partner to improve their skills on. Get a set of crashbars and you should easily get your money back. You might get your moeny back on a few of the others, but probably take longer to sell.

    Good luck with it all
  7. I agree, having owned one from new for a coupla years - it will also last you well after your L's if that is what you're after. They were a finalist in Two Wheels Bike Of The Year in '96 or '97 and sound great with a two-into-one pipe (Foran Motorcycles made them to fit)...
  8. thanks for that. it seems like the majority op for the srv250. though for the same price, the cb250 is a newer model with low km and 4 year difference. the srv250 still wins over? if the srv250 needs work, would the cb250 be the way to go?

    can you mount a rack at the back of every bike? I need some sort of storage compartment or rack.

    what is fairings on a bike?
  9. Fairings are the plastic/fibreglass panels you see on sportsbikes and sports-tourers like the CBR250RR, the GPX250, and so on. Naked/unfaired bikes don't have any of this, so the engine and frame of the bike are exposed for you to drool all over, if you're so inclined.

    Ventura and Gearsack (sic?) make racks and luggage for a really big number of bikes - take a look at their websites. :)
  10. Hi and welcome.

    Book now for where ever you can ,then ring the RTA bike licence course number again and again and again ,you get cancelations ,then just keep moving the dates forward.
    I went from a 5 week wait ,and keeped calling and after 3 days ,i ended up with one the next week.
  11. That CX is priced at least twice what it is worth, don't touch it with a barge pole!

    The other prices seem ballpark.

    The SRV250 is a sweet little bike, my exwife had one (don't hold that against the bike!).

    The CB250 is reliable but pretty bland, the GN250 ditto but with some extra single cylinder vibrations to go with it.

    The Virago is a mini cruiser version of the SRV250 and quite a decent bike if you are short.

    If it was me... the SRV250 if I had $3000 and the CB250 if I could only afford $1700.
  12. Another vote for the SRV here. And pretty much everything ZRX1200R said. An SRV is more comparable with a GPX than a CB, and I'd take the GN over the CB because the CB's weight makes it extremely boring.

    Don't mean to be negative, but...
  13. thanks guys for the tips. they were extremely helplful.

    I went and saw the SRV250 yesterday in real life. I really like the vintage or classic look of it. I didn't stay too long to look at it because I didn't know too much to look for besides the built quality. now I just need someone to ride it and give me an opinion hehe. I know a few riders, but not sure if they are available this week. if anyone here would like to check it out for me this weekend, send me an IM. the bike is located at belmore, canterbury rd, just off king georges. in NSW of course.

    yesterday also, on my way to uni i saw the GN250 and the virago parked beside each other. the gn250 didn't look as good in real life than a picture. then again that particular gn250 had rust and pretty worn out. the virago is nice and all but the chopper look doesn't appeal to me all that much. I noticed that the virago is slightly longer than the gn250, which concerns me. the virago to me is quite large, and I am concern my partner will not be able to handle it well.

    but in the end, the SRV250 is visually appealling. are their any other bikes with similar characteristics as the SRV250 that I should look for? in the 250cc range of course.

    my partner asked me yesterday if the brake and clutch lever is a concern for her small hands. I believe they are adjustable, but to what degree?
  14. The SRV levers are not adjustable - unless the later models were - mine was a 1996 model. The clutch is light and the front brake was nippy enough that you shouldn't have to haul either lever in to the bars to do what you want it to do. If you get one, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Just be prepared for old blokes coming up to you misty-eyed saying stuff like 'I remember when I used to ride, I had a WLA/BSA/whatever...'
    The engine in the SRV is a slightly tuned version of the Virago 250 engine, but with twin carbs and hotter cams. It meant that it would hold highway speeds better and would give you enough (learner) performance to keep you happy. I found them slightly limited two-up, but did the job without too much problems. About the only thing I didn't like was the rear brake - it worked fine but was a bit wooden. Just my thoughts and time with the bike - good luck whichever way you go :)