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need reasonable place to do RWC near sunshine victoria

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by crazychris76, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody,
    I have just got my CBR1100xx ready for RWC (accident damaged bike) and need to find a reasonable place near sunshine victoria......any ideas?
    I dont want a dodgy place (as bike is legit) but just one thats not full of morons and they call/email you when they promise they will. Last guy had the bike for 3 days when he promised 24 hours and never called.......after the 3rd day told him to get stuffed and took the untouched bike home.

  2. Had 2 bikes done recently at Raceway Suzuki in Keilor. Done same day (in fact one checked while I waited). $60 if all good with no repairs needed.
  3. Can also vouch for raceway suzukis service. Had some dealings with them and they do a good job.
  4. Not sure if they are still there but try;

    Balls high performance tuning @
    18 Fourth ave, Sunshine. Vic.
  5. Yeah, Balls are still there but my vote goes to Raceway.

    there is also Western Motorcycles at the top of McKintyre rd.
  6. Unfortunately Balls motorcycle tuning in Sunshine are no longer trading.
  7. Yeh they are, i was there two months ago......... but they dont do RWC

    Ended up going Raceway Suzuki in Essendon/Niddrie.........really happy
    Thanks for the help guys
  8. Not sure if they are trading anymore. I went there a week ago and they had been closed for a good month before then. So you may have been one of the last customers. Not sure if they are closed for the season or forever.

    Another vote for Raceway Suzuki in Essendon/Niddrie. If you call up and ask them to book a time, they will do it on the day as far as I'm concerned.
  9. sis from sjay motorcycles is great for roadworthys. 9338 2523. 9A carrick drive tullamarine.
  10. I disagree, took my bike there (as was recommended)......said he would call me...... had to chase him up for 3 days (when he said ill do the RWC check next day) then got ticked......went there saturday morning and picked up an untouched bike. He wants my business then he should take what he promises seriously yet i did not see that. And before anybody says about "oh but he is busy".............then good business practice is to simply give a call and say "im sorry but it will take longer"

    In contrast like the no bullshit good customer service at Raceway Suzuki.... picking up my bike tomorrow :biker: \\:D/
  11. These things happen and just cause people tell you they'll call back and they don't doesn't make them bad. Hoe often have you done that as we simply forget. Next time be proactive and you call them instead of relying on a return call.

    I have had nothing but pleasant experiences at Sjay. I pay less for a major service at Sjay than I did for a minor at Raceway so I know who gets my business.