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need quick help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ksystemz, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. im stuck at work and bike wont start at all! i turned it on and it died suddenly. i checked the fuses and seemed fine. no loose wires or anything, im kinda stranded at work with a bike that does not turn on any ideas?

  2. Have you got power at all?
  3. no power at all im charging the battery atm but looking at the charger the battery seems full
  4. Sorry mate it could be a hundred things if the battery seems ok.
    Could even be ignition failure. Check as many connnections as you can.
    Good luck.
  5. ended up jump starting it, first time ever. i think the problem is my battery, used a multi reading and when turning on the bike it was showing at 6volts if that the right way of saying it. but my speedo and lights were flickering all the way home . the oil light keeping coming on and off, my petrol light was on . going to get new battery today,
  6. Check for loose or dirty battery terminals.
  7. i think it was the battery, when i brought it brand new i just popped it in the bike. this time when i brought it the guy said to charge it for 24hrs which im doing.
  8. Do you have to do this? I just bought a new battery and I don't have a charger. Can I just fill it up and stick it in or do I have to charge it?
  9. Sorry dude you gotta charge it, and you have to do it RIGHT the first time too. If you don't want to buy a $50 trickle charger, the bike shop that sold you the battery will probably charge it for you if you ask nicely.

  10. Urban legend.
    It's made no difference to the batteries I have bought over the years.
    Maybe it depends on where you buy them from?
  11. It'll be half charged just by putting the acid in. If it fires on that then that's fine. Take it for a decent ride after you start it up.

    Lead acid batteries don't have life issues related to the first charge.
  12. I've never pre-charged a new battery, car or bike. Fit, fire and ride/drive. Never had a problem, and my batteries last a long time.

    I suspect that the pre-charging advice is a hangover from the days of dynamos and less robust electrical systems, when the current draw caused by trying to charge a half discharged battery could easily overload components to the point of failure, even if the generator could keep up.