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Need pipe for zzr250 for roadworthy - VIC

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pockets, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Used to visit these forums a bit on another account, cannot remember the info. Was buying an Aprilia rs125, engine ceased first day and wheels locked up. Anyway, 1 year on and i'm ready to buy another bike. I have 1 bike in particular im looking at which is a '92 zzr 250. Currently it has the two brothers twin exhausts on it which is not passing roadworthy.

    I cant fork the cash out to purcahse these just to put the two bros back on after the roadworthy.

    Wondering if anybody could help out with loaning me the standard pipes for a zzr 250, am happy to pay $50.00 for the time i'm using them (not sure how long a roady takes?).

    Any help would be appreciated, either way if i don't hear anything i'll be coming to the learner ride in 3-4 weeks (no experience so going to teach myself a bit first so i'm not a drag).

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Or would anyone be able to tell me where in Melbourne (closer to the city the better) there is a something for bikes that is similar to pick a part for cars?
  3. Hey mate, Give me $50 and you can have a whole bike. It is a basket case but has many good parts.
  4. Hi Pockets
    I just had the same thing with my CBR600 (needed a pipe for RWC) - give Keith at Vic. motorcycle wreckers a call - or fill out the form on findapart.com.au (which goes to lots of other wreckers also)
  5. That is incredibly generous not sure if there is a catch or hidden terms :p. Only thing is I have no way to transport it so was hoping to just grab the pipes, can carry them on a train.

    If the pipes are good would give you $50.00 for them, provided they would fit a 92 zzr250.

    The offer is amazing though

  6. Will give it a bell tomorrow, thanks a ton Dark.
  7. What suburb pockets?
  8. Im in Elsternwick but am happy to travel to anywhere via public transport to pick up the part.
  9. You can just baffle them for $40 a pipe you know...
  10. Would prefer to throw the standards on, was told I had to.
  11. I'll give you $25 & pick it up tonight.

    What's right with it?
  12. Called vic wreckers mufflers are 200 a piece is 400 for both. Out of price range, anybody else with some knowledge or other ideas.
  13. Just baffle them?? Neither of my bikes have stock pipes and they passed fine with an exhaust baffle to meet the required decibel level.
  14. Best/cheapest way to do this. FYI I'm a city boy grew up with only public transport so had no one to show me the ropes. The things I should know that I don't know will shock you :

    Thanks a lot
  15. ouch! $400 for stock pipes seems a lot.... the one for the cbr set me back only $150
  16. If you're getting the RWC to register the bike pockets, you might want to book your appointment in with Vicroads real soon - booked mine yesterday and the earliest I could get in metro melbourne was April 3rd! (going to try my luck by just showing up with all completed paperwork in the interim however as bike inspection not required)
  17. Awesome Dark, that could of shattered a few hopes in the near future. Thanks a lot for the heads up.