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Need photo of a rave and/or ecstasy tabs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    This ain't really my scene but I know there's a few party guys and gals on NR. I'm writing up an article about a new study on the long-term effects of ecstasy and we don't have any stock photos that are suitable.

    Does anyone have a few gnarly dance party photos with the lasers and the glowsticks and the carpet pants and all that sort of thing that I can use? Probably best if there's nothing in the pic to identify people, unless you're ok with your photo going up next to a party drug story...

    PM me or email me - in the next hour or so is probably best, otherwise I'll try to find something I can use online.
  2. http://www.pillreports.com/

    can get some pretty good pictures of current and previous pills

    fyi, no body wears Phatties (Phat Pants/"carpet pants") anymore

    lots of hoodies, flat brimmed hats, skate shoes and d.ic.k.ies (skate pants) though

    the prototypical raver you are explaining exists, but is a minority now
  3. Cheers mate, I don't even hang around in the city anymore so I've got noooo idea. I don't think I can use any of the pics on that site, I'd assume they're copyright - which is why I'm asking you lot if you've got any photos of your own you're willing to share.
  4. Where's J.O when you need him!
  5. Yep that's the one I'm looking at.
  6. yeah they do. you're not going to the right places :wink:

    that sounds alot more like a hardstyle scene than a rave.

  7. hah, i know the right places still exist
    (mind you i stepped out a while ago)
    but on the whole, the weekly scene has definitely shifted that way

    anyway, back on topic

    just be mindful when reading sources that discuss 'per pill' quantities, as australia has the strongest dose ecstacy pills in the world, about ~4-5 times stronger than europe

    good luck with your study Loz!
  8. Haha - fair enough. Are you planning on publishing it publicly or is this for a journal or the like?
  9. I used to do security at raves.

    I have to say i'm glad to hear that the people caught on that they look like bloody idiots dressed like that.

    I used to walk into the toilets and you just see a group of huddling buffoons scurry off and scatter. :roll:

    Not suss at all!!! :LOL:
  10. phark me. good to know that means idiots i know who double drop or triple, thats equivelant to 10 to 15 pills in europe :shock: :shock:

    sorry to go a lil sidetracked, but why is it like this over here, so strong? the market is used to it?

    thats nuts....
  11. I'm summarising the findings and writing up a short article to go on www.gizmag.com - it should be up sometime tonight or tomorrow.

    In the meantime, I just reviewed a 4-track iPhone recording app by making up a stupid song and recording it:
  12. Most e-dropping people I know these days are professionals, not the candy-kids that the stereotypes will have you believe.

    Same thing in the UK, where it's cheaper than beer.

    that article in new scientist isn't based on the most thorough survey though. It leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

    for example: they draw some conclusions from the fact that people who took a single tablet didn't have any statistically significant long-term effects and gloss over the fact that people who took more than 20 have experienced some noticeable long term effects.

    edit: just so i dont give the wrong impression, i personally stay away from the stuff.
  13. based on what??? geeze from all counts ive heard from Europe is the opposite
  14. There's a few pics of me at raves in my Facebook photo's :)
  15. phatties are huge (still) in hardstyle scene. much better for shuffling in.

    iv got some photos if your still looking. no people in, just lazers going everywhere.

    The way i hear eccy, pills have gone massively downhill in last 5 or so years, with a better than average batch popping up every so often. im told white hearts are big in sydney at the moment. not that i would know... ahhh, the life of warehouse work...
  16. White hearts were good back in the days but the ones that pop up now are mostly duds.

    Ive been told.
  17. multiple sources tell me there was a very good press of them going around in last 8 months or so. i'v seen people on them. its not pretty
  18. that they are for sure, but i mean all the dickies kids are in the mainstream hardstyle scene, not so much the rave/trance scene.

    either way its all good music :grin: