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Need opinions on 3 bikes.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Banana.Monster, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Having recently finished my Ps and getting my unrestricted license I have been looking at bikes to upgrade to, and I have narrowed it down to three choices but I am unsure as to what would be better suited to me.

    The bikes I am looking at are '08 CBR 600 RR, '07 CBR 1000 RR, and the K8 GSXR-750. The CBR 1000 RR and GSXR-750 come in at about the same price with the CBR 600 being a bit cheaper.

    So I would just like to get some thoughts on the bikes, see how others would compare them
  2. The 600RR IS an absolute mad, mad bike. If you want something highly strung that rides like it is on rails, it is spectacular.
    I can’t give comparison, but it is a marvelous piece of kit. What is misses (Which the other two bikes you have named have) is decent bottom and middle power. So you have to get on it pretty hard to get it to pay you back… But when it does… It does in spades.
  3. The best of both worlds would be the Gixxer 750. It has more bottom end than the 600, handles like a 600 and is loads of fun but without the arse pucker factor of the 1000cc bikes...

    It depends on what type of riding you do...my other half has a Gixxer 600 and while the top end is awesome when riding the thing like a race bike it can be a pain in the arse around town...the 750 and 1000's are an easier bike to live with around town due to the better bottom end response.

    It really depends on what you want from your bike...there is a scientific method of picking the right one...

    ride em all and pick the one which stirs your loins the most :LOL:
  4. I think the 600RR has good mid and low. compared to the R6 or 04 R1
    Those are the bikes I have ridden.

    If you are comparing 600cc, it handles the best compared to other models from last years. PS have th 600RR at 12k + ORC.
  5. No offence intended, but the 600 will be more than enough sport bike if thats what your looking for. Probably one of the best things getting around. And as I said no offence but dude....... your 19 years old; I don't know anyone that was mature enough to keep a lid on it riding a 1000cc bike at 19yo, let alone have the road craft to avoid all the shit that comes with riding a motorbike. Do your self a favour and get a 600.

  6. Dont wait too long if you want a CBR600RR... I hear Honda Australia is low on stock... although maybe they will be importing more before next years model is released?

    Guess who reserved the last tri-color :D
  7. yes, they are very low.. with the next shipment supposed to be arriving in February.. eek.. and BTW.. the 600RR's have $1000 off at the moment.. makes them a great buy.. and a brilliant bike at that..

    also take a look at the Trumpy 675..
  8. Even I think the 1000 is too much bike for me, I was only considering it because there is one cheap near me (ex-demo). The main choice here is between the 750 and the 600, 1000 was only in consideration due to the price, I just wanted Opinions on them.

    So I suppose the real question is, Is the GSXR-750 worth the extra money over the 600, I plan to keep the bike for a long while

    Edit: I also had a quick look at the 675 today, didn't get to sit on it but im not sure how I would go with the riding position (high seat low-ish bars)
  9. If you're unsure, you should test ride both.. only way to tell if its worth the difference in price
  10. A 600 will be savagely quick if your coming off a gpx250. If your keeping the bike for a while then maybe the gsxr750 would be my choice. I think the best of the 3 your deciding between.

    My 2 cents :grin:
  11. I had my mind set on which bike I wanted and went with that. If you are not sure, you should just go out and ride them all.

    Oh and +1 to the 675.
  12. Get the fireblade. You wont be upset, I promise.
  13. get the one that you feel the most comfortable with. There is no reason why you cant keep any of them for a long time.

    There is not much that a 1000cc bike can do that a 600cc bike cannot
  14. It makes my doodle feel bigger.
  15. The 1000 would just be because you can be lazy with it. More interested in mid range then top end, I will see how the 675 feels had a quick look at one the other day but didnt get to even sit on it...
  16. a fireblade is not a lazy mans(or ladies) bike :!:
  17. I say ride them all and buy teh one you enjoy most, and are most comfortable on.
    But I'm a bit crazy like that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. +1 675...

    But I'm not biased ;)

    Definately ride them all and work out what your priorites are in a bike. No point getting all gooey over something that doesn't suit the application.
  19. Any of those bike will force you to re-learn how to ride, theres a little thing called throttle control that you just dont learn on a 250 :D

    Go for whatever bike physically fits you the best and that you enjoy riding.

    There all way to fast :D I waited till 23 to get on a bike, I know for a fact that at 19 I would have been ill prepared for any of the sport bikes available.

    Just think about what sort of riding you will be doing most and pick the one that does the job the best.
  20. I just got back from test riding a GSX-R 600 and that has all but ruled out all the sports bikes, tried a GSR something, and Bandit 1250 and loved both of them. Had a ride of a cruiser as well, and found it almost as bad as the sportsbike (but in a different position).

    Now i must compare the bandit with the VFR 800 (bit more sporty seating position tho)