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Need Opinions About Tightness Of Chain On Vfr

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Unconnected, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, just adjusted the chain on my VFR today, uhhh, first time ive done this since i bought it (yeah i know i know, your supposed to do it often, but i didnt) and i never adjusted the chain on my old bike either, anyway dont hate.

    So anyway, im wondering if some experts on here could look at the youtube video i just took and let me know if they think the chain is too tight or loose, i think it might be a little tight, whats your opinion?

    Enjoy the video...

    by thing i main chain link on the back sprocket, i can maybe pull it about 1/2mm off the teeth now.

  2. I'm not an expert...but you should be testing from the bottom of the chain at it's lowest sagging point. Get your bike as upright as possible but not on a centre stand. The weight of the bike needs to be on the rear wheel. I put the bike on the side stand and tip it upright with one hand. I put a ruler upright from the ground and measure how far I can move the chain up and down from the lowest point. My manual says it should move about 2.5cm. Your video shows you checking the top of the chain and the back but you just need to go a bit further and test from the bottom.
  3. Thanks for that, when i hold it at the balance point (no centre stand on my bike) i can move the chain downwards about a centimetre, there is no manual for my bike so im not sure if thats too tight. I would film it and show however i cant balance a 220kg bike and move the chain and film, so you will have to take my word for it.

    I think i might loosen it a little, its def a fair bit tighter than 2.5cm of movement.
  4. The test you are doing is more appropriate for assessing chain and sprocket wear.
    Chain tension is checked mid-span, and is typically 20-30mm of movement in the middle of the span between front and rear sprockets.
  5. It should not move down very much....the distance you need to measure is how far you can move it UP and down with slight pressure. Put the chain between yours fingers and gently move it up and down and measure that. Actually my bike manual says 35 - 40mm play so more than I was thinking. It also says to put it on the centre stand so I was wrong there...at least for my bike.
  6. Looks too tight. Loosen it a little. As said above, about 20-30mm play on the lower chain between sprockets. You should have a load on the bike however, either get someone to sit on the bike or tie some something around the seat and rear tyre...tie downs or something so that the shocks are compressed a little...can't remember the distance it should drop by sorry.

    Another thing you have to watch for are tight spots. Rotate the wheel and check the chain play along the whole length of the chain, start from the master link so that you know you have gone full circle. If you have tight spots, adjust the tension to the tight spot. You can tighten the chain to the tighter side of things so that the loose spots are not too loose. Either, way if you have really bad tight spots, time to replace the chain.
  7. Do motorbike chains still have master links?
    After all these years of technology!
    Even push bikes have removed the neccessity of a master link. (although now you need to buy a damn chain break)
  8. My chain has a master link at least, cheers for the tips guys ill get a mate round tonight and we can go through it and make sure its good. fcuk it was a biatch getting the pinch bolts undone holy shit, i dont think anyone has adjusted this chain since it was put on :| had to let it sit over night covered in brake fluid, before that it literally tore my 12mm socket open because the torque was too much. :| I can see why they stopped using this hub design for on the nc30 lol.
  9. Your chain might tighten up or loosen when you sit on it,
    depends on the s/arm pivot point.
    Check when sitting on the thing.

    An over tight chain is worse than a loose one.
    Although an over over loose one may result in death.
  10. Yeah both my road and race bike have a master link and both had clips to hold it together, until I some how lost them both so now have another master link but the rivet type. Don't have a chain breaker, unless an angle grinder counts.
  11. Master links are ok up to 100 rwps...or a 2/1 kg/kw
    Had a chain let go on my ktm525 o the road... I probably put the clip in facing the wrong way tho...cause i'm an idiot
  12. That's only for deraileur chains, the old original chains on single speed bikes and those with hub gears still have a master link.
  13. too tight.

    You need to sit on the bike to check the tension properly, as if it is tight sitting on the stand it will increase once you sit on it and/or hit bumps, which can damage the Counter Shaft seal. (Only bikes with the C/S sprocket mounted on the swing arm pivot, will not be affected if bike is weighted ie. BMW800)