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Need new tyres

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_wombat, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. My tyres are already up to the "need new tyre indicator thingy" and only until now do i have enough money to buy new tyres.. however is it safe to change to a new tyre in this wet weather?

  2. Yes it's safe to change the tyre in wet weather, just go gently for the first 100k or so till they are well scrubbed in.

    Note that you should do that regardless of whether the roads are wet or dry.
  3. I'd day it would be safer than sticking with bald/worn tyres, while you'll still have to scrub the new tyres in you will be between water transfer from under the tyre with tread on it.

    Change the tyres, and take it easy while you scrub them in regardless of water on the road or not, would be my call. But I would have changed them long ago and found the money or lent on the credit card rather than waiting after the first signs of needed new tyres.
  4. Thanks guys but yea i havernt had the money for new tyres because the catholic highschool that i attended in 2003 is taking me to court because i missed a few installments for the school fees.. so every cent i earnt went to it.. im still a grand short (bugger!) but who cares i cant afford to drop my baby.. I cant seem to find anyone that will fit my new tyre in a day because my bike is my only form of transport.. is there anyone out there who knows anyone who would be able to install a new tyre within a day?
  5. Book it in at Bob Jane T-Marts city store and he'll do it within ~15-20mins.
  6. Pablo's in Mulgrave also do tyres pretty quickly. I'm hoping I'll be able to get there tomorrow to have them do mine for me.

    :D :D :D
  7. As an example of wet weather/new tyre running, I put a set of Pilot Roads on my CBR1000. The next day, I went on a 3 day trip, where it rained for the first two days (Anzac Day weekend this year). I didn't have any problems. I just rode as I always do in wet weather - don't do anything silly. It doesn't take long to "scrub" them in. In fact, when I stopped at the meeting place, 20 kays away, they no longer looked shiny and oily, as they tend to look.

    The bike shop, when I asked about this, said that they've seen a few fellows get tossed off their bikes when giving it to the bike when leaving the shop with the newly fitted tyres. Usually, cos it's cold, the rider's leaning over a bit and gives it a handful of right fist, presumably to give the onlookers at the shop a bit of a show. Bike steps sideways smartly. Rider gets all embarrassed, and returns bike to shop to await the insurance assessor......
  8. Yep thats where I took mine, excelent service, top bloke, Jason looked after me and gave great advice. Btw they are cheaper that other places by a good $10 and then theres another 10% off for netriders :)
  9. Yep same. On advice from this thread and the fact I was at a work training course 1 block away last week, I took my bike to Bob Jane as well. Good, quick service and my wheels are now balanced as well. I'd never seen the little 5, 10 gram weights on the rims before....
  10. yeah, just got my second new rear on my bike. you can definetely notice the slippery-ness. Just play nice for 100k or so (it's not that hard, just have some self control and if you want to push it do it in a straight line :wink:

    They've now done about 500km in a week (went fanging down the old pacific hwy in NSW --- weeehhhhh!!!!) and are schmick, getting coky (can't write it with a c, cause it edit's it :roll: ) now and trying to de-chicken-strip them 8) :LOL: