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Need new tyres, where to go? on a budget

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BKN, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi guys

    Tried searching but not much came up, i been shopping around and was wondering if anyone can recommend a place for new tyres.

    I have an 04 r1 and not looking at spending alot. Im hoping to get a set of pirellis or something along he lines of 450-500 bux?

    If anyone can throw me a number that'll be great, after western suburbs.

  2. what state/city mate?
  3. Sorry my mistake.

    Im located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, VIC

  4. You should be able to pick up a set of good tyres for $500 at pretty much any good bike shop. That said, if it costs a little extra for good tyres, I'd pay it. Tyres are a pretty critical component of the bike, especially considering you are riding an R1.

    Personally, tyres are not something I'd be putting a price on. That's my opinion anyway. :)
  5. I found Bob Jane at the top of Elizabeth St good when I just got my Q2's put on. Gave a better price that PS... And are closer to work! :D
  6. dont get me wrong, i dont want cheap and nasty. I just want a good set of tyres for a fair price, people are charging 500-800 on the same set of tyres and i just want some feedback on places from people on here thats all.

  7. Z6 rear, $320
    Z8 front $230
    Fitted and balanced,
    Pablo's in Mulgrave.
    Just roll up. he fits them pretty much straight away, Depending on how busy he is,

    Tyres are all that keep you on the road, You need the best for your bike, Its your neck thats on the line,
  8. Good to hear. ;)

    Sorry, I interpreted incorrectly. I thought you were looking for cheap, poor quality tyres.
  9. Booked in for Andys at INTYRE tomorrow.

    Set of Pirella Corsa 3s i think, recommended by himself, for $550 fitted. Dunno if thats good but gonna give it a shot
  10. ... around 300 for a rear and 200 for a front plus fitting is pretty much par for these course these days

    don't forget to take a bit to scrub them in before you start exploring their limits, though :LOL:
  11. I heard people have had tyres fitted for around $450 for michelins but i wont comprimise on quality. I had michelins and found them great on all bikes ive owned. But i been garunteed that these new pirellis are the ultimate road tyre so i guess i'll find out
  12. I dont think thats fitting included. Also a bit far too.
  13. i bought tyres from http://www.jakewilson.com/ lots of riders on other forums have done so too... i payed $630 for 2 sets pirelli angels deliverd last april ..aud 93.73 at the time
    for my gsx1400 and dads bandit 1250
    i will be buying anothe 2 sets ,while our dollar is high,, they carry all brands
  14. Thats a bargain price. Basically if you DIY. a brand new set of tyres for under $400, thats awesome
  15. i forgot.. the $630 including credit card fees also included 2 suzuki t shirts so deduct 40 bucks and they gave me a $10 discount of 1 tyre as a first time customer

    dont khow why tyres here are so dear with the current exchange rates
  16. I been asking around and if you take the bike in to the shop and give them the new tyres, they'll overcharge for sure.

    Only good if you do all the work yourself and they'll basically charge 20 bux to change a tyre
  17. Overcharge or not, to pick up a set of Q2's for a couple hundred is a HUGE difference (not including postage(which could bridge that gap... stick3 how much was postage?) i somehow dont think they will charge $200 to fit and balance some new tyres :)