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Need New Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kiss_the_future, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Due to my accident i forfeited my helmet to be destroyed...which was assesed and was told not to risk using it.

    So i was just wondering if anyone knows where i could get ARAI helmets cheaper in Melbourne, or if maybe someone on here distributes them and can pass one my way under RRP.

  2. Do a bit of "shopping", hit ebay for some power-sellers and make contact there....you'll be surprised.
    Picked up a new Shoei RRP$799 helmet for $520 recently....
  3. Yeah i've considered ebay, but im not sure if im willing to take that risk of being pulled over for a non-compliant helmet.
  4. Not being smart here so please don't take this the wrong way. If you get to know the staff at a particular bike shop then I've found a little bit of loyalty goes a long way to helping with discounts. If you find something a lot cheaper at a different shop it doesn't hurt to let the one you usually shop at know. I have found they will generally match the price & everyones happy. You end up with better service (they know you will spend more there) & will try a bit harder to get less common items for you. Just my experiance. Sometimes cheap can end up expensive.
  5. I buy all my gear in one shop.. and I'm there on regular buissnes as well so I have goten to know the staff by name... LOL I reacently gought a pair of boots for $285 ($299 regular price every where) and I asked them if they can get me my size the next day...(it was 5pm when I was in the shop)... Yep next day at 4pm they called me... they had my boots!!
  6. I get what is being said...yet i dont have the time to be-friend some guy at a motorbike store so that i may get $10 off a helmet. I need the helmet soon, so ducking in and out of a bike store for a few months is not a priority i have in mind. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. ebay.com.AU that is, and pick one of the LOCAL power-sellers.
    The vendor turned out to be Sydney City M'cycles, who ware overstocked on a batch of Shoei-promo items.
    ALL regular stuff WITH AS-stickers.
  8. I work in sales so I'm loath to suggest this, but go into a couple of nearby shops, try on the helmet you want and then see if you can get it for a better price anywhere you can. I asked another shop for a price on the flip-front Nitro and they quoted $269 where the RRP was $299.