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Need new chain EONFINE chains any good?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by goddie, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, just got my bike over a week ago and the chain is stretched a bit too much and needs replacing. Any recommnedations? I found a mob in melbourne on ebay selling EONFINE chains, anyone got any experience with these chains? Or have any recommendations?
    Streetmaster had a peek at the sprockets and said they were in reasonable shape but chain stretched too much. Got to be in melbourne if possible.
    cheers guys

  2. i was looking at eonfine brake pads a few months back and the general view is don't bother. i would hazard a guess and say their chains are rubbish too
  3. They look rubbish, but they're probably worth everyone one of the $40 odd dollars they want for one...

    I was thinking of picking one up for an emergency chain, but probably won't bother.
  4. Lolita has been running a $60.00 Eofine chain for about 8,000klms without a problem.
    Quick service and you can buy three and still have change.
    Averaged around 40,000 on the good ones so it only has to do 15,000 to be in front.
  5. Fair point Hawklord, and yes I hear everyone saying that 'its a false economy' however, only just got back on a bike last week, and 'she who must be obeyed' asked 'how much more will I be spending'? When I said 'nuthin luv' I (sorta) meant it :) so maybe something that will carry me till end of year might be sufficient, all I know is I need a new chain sooner rather then later..
    Looking at an SFR one as well, are they any better? any comments would be appreciated. cheers :)
  6. get a DID and be done with it.
  7. cheap chains are heavy, brittle and bulky. inferior quality materials means they just use more of it, not solving anything.

    dont forget that when they snap when the weather is cold they will smash your cases to bits. definitely false economy. a guy i know had been saying these cheap chains are fine etc etc, but in 2 degrees weather he just let the clutch out and without warning it broke, smashing the engine cases and wrapping itself around the rear rim.

    imagine what happens when you throw a chain at road speed, having it lock up the rear. not real fun, especially mid corner or something.
  8. In my experiance EK are the best value chain.If you do the chain i advise ti do the sprockets too,especialy since the old chain sounds like it was really rooted
  9. Changing the chain and not the sprockets will seriously shorten the life of your new chain. It's best to change all 3. It's also a good idea to buy the best quality chain you can afford, because it usually works out cheapest in the long run. Cheap chains are cheap for a reason.
  10. +1 Definitely replace the sprockets.

    Goddie, any idea how many km's on the existing chain?
  11. Whatever......

    the $170.00 change is still in my pocket.
  12. Rk or did
    Look at jakewilson.com there prety cheap and good shiping
  13. will check that site now, cheers!!
  14. Hey Rob,
    only had th ebike a week, with 44k on the clock, no service stamped for a year or so, and guy I bought it from only used a small amount [so he said] previous guy was a truck mechanic from outer eastern subs of melb, bought from jefferson I believe. Mechanic did all servicing himself from what the guy I bought it from had told me. I had the 'teapot' and changed the chain and sprockets at the same time, sat morn 'streetmaster' looked at the rear sprocket and said ti didnt look bad, he's got more experience then I on these things. Just had an ebay guy offer $209 for did chain and 2 sprockets, no idea sprocket quality tho. That a reasonable price? anyone? I know it's more the the Eofinie but all I hear is DID this and DID that [so to speak] thanks :)
  15. Depends on the chain pitch & rating. 520, 525 & 530 are common ones, 520 usually being the cheapest & weakest. Oddly enough, 525 are usually the most expensive, despite 530 chains being stronger.

    520 chains (which I suspect your VTR has) can be had for under $99 new for good quality, good rated chains I know P.S. were doing 520 x rings for $99 last year... Might be worth a call.

    What model is the chain? You can get different ratings, the stronger the chain the more expensive it is.

    Sprocket will usually set you back ~$100-$120 for JT which are the standard a/m stuff sold here in aus. Prices vary with size, teeth etc.
  16. I have been advised and noted it in the owners manual that the chain is a 530. Now is an O ring chain better then a non O ring?
  17. If it cheaper for you to get 520 get 520.
    I use 520on my r6 track bike as do many others.
    Its. A 250, 520 will be plenty.
  18. When you say, non O ring, what do you mean? A chain that doesn't have an O, W or X ring should be avoid UNLESS you're happy to take off the chain every couple of weeks and boil it in oil.

    Doesn't a 520 chain require different sprockets?
  19. That's well over specced for a 250, your chain should last for years!

    A non o ring chain will require constant lubrication, cleaning, etc.

    If I had a Scottoiler or similar, a non o ring chain would be fine, but a scottoiler & a non o ring chain would cost more than a very good quality x ring chain!


    Has some X rings 530's for $135, I haven't used them so I can't comment on quality, but the price is fine.
  20. Well I bought this chain, at the link below. This time this one will do, next time will be a DID chain & sprockets complete kit, finances at present have allowed me this one for $75 delivered to my door.
    RWC on bike happens tomorrow morn, so can transfer rego over :)

    Up for sale is a O ring 530H chain.

    We have 120links in stock, please ask your mechanic to cut to the suitable size for your bike.