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Need mentoring help in Kirribilli

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Artem82, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Hi guys! Just got my first bike. My ability to drive powerful cars deceived me into buying quite a heavy and torquey bike today - Suzuki Gladius 650. The +40km ride from the dealer was ok, but as I've started practicing on hilly streets in my area the bike just fell on me(( Nothing serious but I just don't have the confidence anymore. What would you recommend? If anyone from the area has some time to help it would be very much appreciated. Drinks on me!

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  2. Time in the saddle, practice. That's what you need, plus read/watch up on some riding tips as it's not the same thing as throwing a car around. Counter steering and way more road craft as a start'. Watch twist of the wrist on YouTube for starters....

    Ps. Welcome!!
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  3. Welcome mate. Your back brake is your best friend. Especially on hills. Think of it as your handbrake for hill starts, dont let a little miss hap ruin it for ya mate
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  4. This video is awesome! Many thanks!
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  5. Sydney and those hills! Best get practising.
    Good luck.
    Getting used to the controls while on the flat, clutch and brake balance will help to master those hills.

    And welcome along
  6. No worries man, implement 1 tip at a time until it's as ingrained as, let's say, double declutching ;)
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  7. Try and get some practice when there is the least cars on the road. Maybe really early sat and sun mornings or late at night. Do worry mate, we've all been through this. It will get easier, just need to give it time and klms
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  8. You've actually made a really good choice of bike. Once you've got your confidence back you can start really appreciating it.
    As others have said is the way forward.
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  9. There is a mentoring thread in the stickies above. where you can ask for an experienced rider to ride with you for a trip or two and give you some mentoring.

    I am not sure how well it works in Sydney as the majority of volunteer mentors seem to be Melbourne based. But ask for help there and hopefully someone will respond.
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  10. I live near North Sydney (Wollstonecraft) I get my fulls in a month and will have a bike by then (sold my Ninja recently so bike less atm) let me know if you ever need a hand to learn any new concepts. I am not experienced in any way compared to other riders on here but def not a noob any more.
    I go to Old Road on weekends too so come along when you get your confidence up.
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  11. I also believe the Gladius is one of the better LAMS bikes available today. To sell it and get some lightweight, possibly underpowered bike could be a mistake, IMHO. You'd only be yearning for the Suzuki again in a short time.

    The exception to that is, if the bike is physically too large for you.

    If you can afford 2 bikes in the interim, then this may be an option. Otherwise, stick with what you've got and take it slowly, as per all the excellent advice above.

    In no time, it'll feel like your best friend and then, adventure beckons...
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  12. Many thanks! Would love to join, always ready.
  13. Will keep you posted. Just counting down the weeks till I get my fulls :)
  14. Artem82Artem82 I'm in a neighbouring suburb. happy to come down and give a hand/tips if you like. I'm only 5 months into riding (still on L's) so by no means an expert but Im confident in riding on all roads so I could probably give some help.
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  16. Wow! That is great! Just let me know when you'll be available. Many thanks!
  17. Is that you Tony ?
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  18. Nope, my name is Tim ;)