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Need Melbourne mechanic

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by wokka wokka, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I need to find myself a new mechanic, as Pete (Everything 2 Wheels) is closing down, and my '09 VF800 needs a 25k major service.

    Anywhere nearish the city is good (live in Kensington, work in Port Melbourne), I need to be able to drop the bike off the evening before, and pick it up after work when it's finished (its my only transport), so can't really take it too far out of the way, 60 Degress Motorcycles looks a bit far.

    Shame there just isn't enough money in the bike industry to keep Pete going, he's been brilliant for the past 6 years he's been servicing my previous bike.
  2. I thought he closed a year ago
  3. Check Intyre Motorcycles in Brunswick. I used to do the drop off before work and pick up after number when I lived in the area and Tanya has been extremely helpful at all times. Cannot recommend them enough.
  4. Hi Will, why don't you try to find a shop that does servicing on a Saturday morning, I know Freestyle Honda in Seaford do so I guess others would, that way you can drop it off and go for a coffee and read of the paper or catch up on the forums whilst they service the bike.
  5. Reopened, until this. Sorry to hear about the closure, top bloke.
    Second that for Intyre (also call themselves Bike Dock here and there.) Check the hours though (open late, close late).
  6. Saw the closure sign this morning. I had booked in to have a service but then a sign appeared saying he was unwell when I went to drop the bike off. I need the 24,000 on mine.

    By the sounds of it and from talking to Pete previously, the writing has been on the wall for a while.
  7. Thanks guys, I've also had recommendation from a guy at work to try Moto Meccanica in Coburg North, they are pretty easy to get to and on the same train line as where I live. I'll pay them a visit and check them out.

    If they don't take my fancy I'll go for Intyre.
  8. After experiencing a close to fatal routine with Peter Stevens, and then been skanked terribly by Gassit Motorcycles in Fairfield (by far the very worst mechanics I have visited during close to twenty years of riding here and in my motherland of England), I found Pete at EverythingTwoWheels in Fitzroy. His work was exceptional and I trusted him.

    However, he appears to have ceased trading, as I discovered on Monday when visiting his shop. I sincerely hope he resurfaces in the area as there appears a dearth of quality bike mechanics.

    I may well need some work performed on the carbs of my haggard '99 R6, failing which I was aiming to have the front fork oil changed (for the first time in at least 4 years, perhaps many more!).

    Can anyone kindly recommend a mechanic they know and trust within range of my Seddon lair? Are any of the mobile mechanics of sound reputation?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  9. I'm guessing Moorabbin is too far away for you?
  10. Indeed, mate, moorabin seems tricky. I live in the western suburbs and work in the cbd.

    I should probably give these Intyre chaps a roll of the dice if they come recommended.

    When I visited E2W on Monday I grabbed some paper from the newsagents next door and wrote a note for Pete, wishing him well and also asking him to remind me of the explanation of an issue he found with my engine a few months back when he was rebalancing my carbs. I was simply happy to hear the beast sounding so much better and the hanging revs issue solved that I did not take on board what he explained and showed me.

    Maybe someone can fill in the blanks?

    He showed me a print out of my carbs prior and after his work, then basically said...something along the lines of-
    'Now this gadget which I used to balance the carbs also shows XXXXXXXX. Now look at this video I took with my phone...'
    the video showed a load of bars, which were supposed to stay within a certain range, yet the bars for my engine were going horribly high and red, which was bad news.
    'so its fcuked? is it going to explode or die?'
    'it is an old whore, but remains a weapon...The engine may have been raced before? A previous owner perhaps? I don't like giving someone back a bike without it been perfect, and this ain't perfect. It will lose power over time, but will still go, and the price to fix it is probably worth more than the bike'.

    XXXXXX may have been valve leakage? He may have said that they do not close completely?

    Does any of this make sense?