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Need info, start bike buissiness

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by crutch, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. ok wasnt sure to start this in goverment legal or business section so i put it in here.

    Im thinking of renting out a workshop doing cosmentic repairs (on bikes of course) and a few other services. As me and my mate have fixed up quite a few bikes ourselves and could hire/outsource the things we are not quilified to do. Thinking of having it somewhere in auburn or blacktown region of sydney.

    1) My question is what are the legal requirements/quilifications to opening a workshop and or dealership. Or if someone can point me in the right direction. (my guess to me would be a certificate in appropriate feild and 2 years experiance)

    2) Is it possible to get a space somewhere in a commercail/industrial area for about 1.5/2 thousand a month around auburn parramatta.

    3) what kind of services would u like to be seen that other people dont over such as DIY mechanic sessions and so forth
  2. Nah, just do it, no requirements legally at all. Just be sure to get insurance!


    [/quote] A 'hire the workshop space' would be cool. Supply some basic facilites and have it as bring your own tools.
  3. Have a look here http://www.business.gov.au/Business+Entry+Point/ for all the information you need to start a small business. You will at least need an ABN and be prepared so submit regular business activity statements...

    As far as premises is concerned, just drop in on local real estate agencies and find one that specialises in commercial properties.
  4. If you are receiving a Centrelink payment at the moment, have a look at NEIS to start your business, have a look at it anyway, might be worth it! It offers 1 year funding if your business plan is approved. NEIS-New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. http://www.workplace.gov.au/workplace/Category/SchemesInitiatives/NEIS/
    I did it (doing it) and I would highly reccomend it if you haven't been in business before as it gives you all the basics of operating a small business. Also, if approved, you get 1 year of fortnightly payments, equivalent to Newstart allowance to help you get up and running.
  5. I think running "spanner days" is a very good thing that not many places/people do... people bring their bikes in and you teach them anything from basic maintenance... you can either charge a small fee for the use of the workshop/tools or get them to donate drinks/stuff for the bbq

    Good luck with your plans mate, hope it works out for you!!

    The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams
  6. My idea would be to get a work shop with a few bays (say 4 bays)
    have ur standard equipment - paddock stands and the like.
    People ride in do whatever they need - charge by half hour
    have a little spot for coffee and chat. I think people would just ride by just to have a coffee and a chat. Good thing about this is if it gets around then you'd have all types of people giving advice and just a good place to catch up while ur working on your bike.
  7. thanks for all your positive info love the centerlink advise, although ive been emplyed PT for a few years my mate who im doin this with is on centerlink payments so might be able to get him hooked up with it.

    Thanks for that entry point website coudnt find it through googol.

    BTW Everyone ive talked to love the spanner days idea

    althou im sure i wont have the deposit needed to luanch it for at least a year as rent deposites can be huge and im gunna need some big tools that i havnt been able to afford just yet.

    thanks again im guna draw up a business plan and see if i can get some capital through grants, If any grants going around for this sort of thing feel free to post em

    Update i found up a 200msq workshop in an industrial eastate can be rented for approx 1.5k a month so at least im in the ball park
  8. My advice when starting out would be find somewhere cheap to rent. Keep those overheads down! Start the business up, and if it looks good, then think about either larger or more upmarket premises.
    Advertise where you can, even handing out flyers, be creative here, creativity doesn't cost you anything.
    Do a realistic budget before you go in. be very conservative, it is better not to go in if the numbers don't work than thinking she'll be right, and pour good money after bad.
    Make sure you are passionate about this venture, there will be LOTS of hours initially setting things up, and lots of hard work.
    If you don't know how to lok after paperwork or the accounts, hire in someone who can, until you've learnt how to do it.
    The two things that will kill a business very quickly are not keeping finances under control, and having too many overheads.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. yeah thanks i know how to work my numbers, ive been woking in small business for years. I agree overheads are the killer easpecaily when u dont have a existing customer base/finding ur market. Im planing to have enough to keep it flying rain hail or shine for atleast 6 months.
  10. Using this site to advertise is a good starting point. Number of Sydneysiders here I believe.
  11. Not necessarily, if you keep your turnover below $50k you don't need to register for GST and avoid the dreaded BAS statement. It may work out that in fact it is cheaper/easier to start another company if your turnover exceeds $50k and split your income between the two companies. :wink:
  12. Yes Mr tri "Mr Shifty" way. :grin: :LOL: