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Need info on Collins st Melb

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. I've got a job interview tomorrow morning with a law firm library (aargh!).

    It's in the CBD - Collins st (up around the 500's) and I'll be riding in and needing to get changed beforehand. This is a bit of a worry to me because I don't know where I can get changed... Does anyone know if there are any places in Collins st that I can get changed and tidy myself up in??? Are there toilets in Collins st? Does anyone work in Collins st and can lend me their toilets??haha...

    Any help/knowledge appreciated!

    Wish me luck..
  2. I work at 35 Collins St but am going on a school excursion tommorow so can't lend you my toilet :grin: . Probably best bet would be Southern Cross station or maccas [470 Collins Street], at least they are normally clean.
  3. There's a strip joint in Elizabeth St, I'm sure they'd let you use a room, as long as you're not shy! :oops: :LOL:

    Seriously though, go to one of the hotels on Collins St that has a nice forecourt with shops etc and find the restrooms there, they will be the nicest, cleanest ones around.
  4. Thanks Matti! Macca's sounds like the go :LOL:
  5. Thanks Triway - good idea. I'll have a look at a map and see what hotels are nearby. :)
  6. You're welcome! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Doh - I knew I should have been more specific. :LOL:
  8. I've used Starbucks dunnies in the past for this very purpose.
  9. I'm from Adelaide, but have stayed at Oaks On Collins many times for business, thats 480 Collins St. Further towards Spencer St, just past King St theres a food court (northern side of Collins St)....they'd have toilets to change I'm sure...superman styles
  10. Ooh...there's one at 440 Collins st. I can grab a coffee as well...Starbucks...mmmm...
  11. I knew there was a good reason not to go into Starbucks (apart from the lousy coffee) :p :LOL:
  12. Thanks Anon - looks like I've got plenty of options. Good to know!
  13. All Starbucks closed today at 2:00pm for a large announcement. They may not be open tommorrow! :?
  14. I'm at 447 Collins if you need a bathroom or somewhere to leave your gear.

    PM me and I'll give you my mobile if you want.
  15. Rosie

    good luck for the job!!

    ok when I was still in Melbourne I was at 595 Collins, right next door to Krispy kremes, My suggestion would be to just go across to Southern Cross Station and get changed over there.

    Though if I was still working for Medicare at 595 Collins, I would have zapped you in to use ours :p

    Keep us posted how you go !! I am very excited for you

  16. Thanks Tracey :) Will do.

    And thanks Holster! :grin:
  17. Well I ended up using the toilets at The Oaks, seeing as I parked near the entrance. talk about nerve-wracking experience. This is the first library job interview I've ever experienced. Not sure how I went but will soon find out I guess!!
  18. Goodluck Rozzzeeeee :)
  19. Fingers crossed for you Rosie.
  20. I just rock up to the place in question a little early, and usually on Collins St they have their toilets outside the office near the lifts, and I go in there and change. If they don't have external ones, then I ask inside to use them. It makes a good starting convo about motorbike riding