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Need honest reliable Mechanic Northern Beaches preferred

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Well.

    My Domi is using a bit of Oil and with her having close to 70000Ks I think the time for a mayor rebuild or an engine replacement is coming.

    I bought the bike in November for almost nothing and I enjoy riding her a lot so as she doesn't owe me a lot I am seriously considering to go ahead with the repairs.

    Also, after the accident in december she looks very nice so I think the best option is fixing her instead of starting to look for something different.

    So I'm in need of a good and honest mechanic in the Nortern Beaches (NSW) if possible.

    I have already sent a part request through findapart to try and get a second hand engine or a reco'd one.

    Does anybody have an idea of how much could it cost to get the engine reconditioned? It is a one cylinder 650cc engine. I can take it out of the bike and install it by myself to try and save a bit of money.

    Maybe if I'm lucky I'll find a nice low Ks one out of a XR650L, according to my research it is the same engine for the Domi. Any other ideas about what other engines could I fit on her?

    Any inputs, advice is appreciated.

  2. Hey Will,

    I have had good reports from a place called "Motorcylce Weaponry" or similar in the industrial area at Mona Vale. (just behind Darley Road fruit market) A mate of mine that is always dropping his bike swears by them.

    I haven't had the need to try them out yet, but my 25000k service is coming up and I think I will be giving them a go.

    Stay away from freedom motorcycles at brookvale...........RIP OFF!!!

    I have got my eye on a dominator650 with 33000ks on it, but it is in Cowra so if I buy it, it will be sight unseen. Risky heh???(more risky with the wife I think! :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Hehehe Jeff

    I had my eye on the same bike. I was thinking in getting it and putting the bodywork of mine on that one and selling mine as spares.

    But then I thought I better keep mine and do whatever I need to it.

    I was thinking in going up there with the wife and riding it back.

  4. +1 at how expensive freedom brookvale is! Stingy stingy stingy..
  5. If I do get that one, at the place that will remain nameless, I am going to have to smuggle it into the garage and deal with the shit that comes up (read "wifey") :LOL: :LOL:

    Still, I've done it before and lived to tell the story.....................and after all, I am the boss and I will do whatever I want when she tells me it is ok! :LOL:
  6. yeah - freedom is a rip. I'm never bringing my bike those guys.

    If anything, i'd take it to Brian Conner because he does a good job (expensive, but good job).

    There's another bike store on wynborne (curl curl) which i dont approve off. i think they are a yamaha service centre.

    But recently, i've been taking my bike to budgetbikes in yagoona (even though i'm from killarney hts) because they do a good job and have a good rate. Just last week, i had my bike towed out there. I'm picking it up tomorrow. I'm still having a cry about the repair bill: $830
  7. Went to Brian Connors, very professional and honest.

    Looks like I'm getting another bike instead of throwing money at the domi.

  8. Hey Will,

    What are ya getting.

    I am still thinking of that other Dominator at Cowra.

    Keep me posted!

  9. Going green Jeff.

    I'll be posting in the general section soon.