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Need help with Zeal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Owen, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know how to take the seat off on a yamaha fzx zeal?


  2. I'd be looking underneat the rear plastic section behind the seat for something that looks like/is a helmet lock. Usually there'll be a little lever or latch near it, and it'll just be a matter of sliding that then pulling the seat up from the rear (or sliding it backwards).

    If you can get a close enough look under the seat then you should be able to see where the locking mechanism is that's holding the seat down, then it's safe to assume that the release level should be somewhat close to that.

  3. Take the rider seat off? or pillion seat off?

    anyway even you want to take the rider seat off, you need to open up the pillion seat first. Yes as Koma said the helmet lock on left side under pillion seat, put your key in, turn right VERY HARD, but don't break your key :p then you can open the pillion seat, then you can see the nuts attached to the rider seat, and use the right tool to undo it.

    Pretty easy, just make sure you won't break your key when you open the pillion seat :p, better get a spare key first!
  4. You can't remove the seat. To prevent reverse engineering, the FZX is welded together and the components cannot be separated without destroying them.

    It's a 'zealed' unit.:LOL:

    Sorry. This answer was of no use, but it helped me fill in a rainy afternoon.
  5. No no no, it's got to have a crazy accent with it...
    "Eeet's eh zealed ooonit"

    LOL, oh... can't you tell i've got another uni assignment due tomorrow. :(
  6. Wait a minute...

    So is there suppose to be a keyhole under the seat (between trye and bottom of bike) on the left hand side? Because there isnt? There is no helmet lock or anything. I assume this is just to get the pillion seat off?

    Please someone let me know if i have mis-read these instructions???

    I've circled it in bright green... can't miss it. ;)
    It does of course vary between some models, but there SHOULD be something that looks quite like it rather close to where the one in the picture is circled.