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Need Help with rego in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dr DRIFT, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. I am currently looking at buying a bike from NSW and it is registered up there. I am going to get it trucked to Melbourne. The thing I wanted to know is, Do I just have to get a roadworthy and bring paperwork and no. plate to vic roads to do the transfer or do I have to front the bike. Does the bike have to go over the pits or is it just a matter of paperwok only?
    Thanks for your help.... :?:

  2. I take it the bike is not registered in your name in NSW or cannot be? If not I would have thought it would atleast need to visit a VicRoads centre. When I brought a car up from Tassie which was in my name a VicRoads bloke had to give it a once over.
  3. No i am planning to buy it monday? Would that make a big difference?
  4. When I bought my bike in QLD 6 years ago, I needed to bring the bike into a VicRoads office for inspection as it's not on their database (I think).
  5. ring Vicroads & ask as NSW laws are tougher than ours & require a RWC each year over 5 years old to re-register. You may just need a RWC & transfer papers & copious amounts of cash! Remember to ask the operator their name! You may need to quote it back later!
  6. I bought a bike from S.A last yaer and had all the documentation etc,.
    Yes, you will need to front the bike. If it doesn't have plates, you'll have to get a 24hour or week long 'exemption' and carry this with you in case the police pull you over.(It's no good just to have an exemption, you must HAVE IT ON YOU- trust me, I learned that the hard way)
    A tip might be- get the seller to wright a reciept for less than you paid to avoid excessive stamp duty payment to Vic-Roads.
  7. I bought mine from NSW only 2 months ago & registered it in Vic so this was my experience:

    Yes the bike had to go over the pits at a VicRoads office
    Yes a prior appointment booking was necessary (about a week's notice)
    Yes although a time was booked, was still be left waiting past that time
    Yes a current RWC is required if the rego has expired
    Yes proof documents of sale & purchase are required to be produced
    Yes stamp duty & any other fees are to be paid on the day
    Yes a Vic plate was provided on the day
    Yes the rubber stamp hitting the rego papers was expensive & time consuming :LOL:
    Yes check with VicRoads for clarification in case changes or circumstances are different
    Yes check if the bike has a rego holder as you may have to get one
    Yes thats addtional !!
    Yes make sure you are insured before you ride.

    Good luck with your purchase
    I know mine was worth the effort :grin:
  8. Cheers everyone for your reply and advice!
    I am finding it confusing.....
    Some people been telling me yes it has to go to vic roads and some are saying that you only need rwc and receipts and the such.... I went to the vic road site and it says that only some/certain vechiles will need to be fronted but most will not? WTF... Even they can't make up there mind on the internet site! How am I supposed to give this guy in Sydney a deffinite answer before Monday without knowing myself how much of a stuff around it gonna be to tranfer the papers..
    The bike is currently registered until the end of november.
    He says it is rwc?
    It is a cheap buy if Vic roads don't stuff me around.?
    Afew peps said its a good buy but some say interstate buy is a real F*** around?
    Really not sure what to do?
  9. Didn't want to say (in my earlier post) because didn't want to be a wet blanket , and i know buying a bike is a very exciting time BUT...

    If I had known the hassle and extra costs I was up for, I definitely would NOT do it again. There's heaps of good bikes (priced well ) here in Vic. Just be patient , something will always come along.

    The other consideration is that IF the bike's been a repairable write-off in another state, it won't show up on the Vic-Roads database. Whereas if you buy a bike thats always been in Victoria, you can check this way before you hand over the $.

    According to Vic-Roads, there's a ton of people get stung this way every year, both with cars and bikes.