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Need help with problems after repair..

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by BulletProof, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Here's the scenario in a nutshell.. bought my bike used with 40,000kms on the clock but in top nick with service history, pre-purchase inspection done, etc. and I rode it to work in the CBD everyday for 3 months without any mechanical/electrical issues.

    I get in a bit of a stupid accident (my fault), dented the front fender of the bike and sorted it out with the insurance. I used their repairer (who is a major repairer for all the big name insurance companies in Melbourne) and it takes two weeks for parts and work to be done - no complaints so far.

    However I get the bike back from them and after commuting for 4 days the battery went flat on me, thankfully in front of my garage. After a bit of back and forth, it was determined that the problem was the stator.

    Now I don't know much about bike electrics, but it seems a might suspicious to me that something that never gave me issues before suddenly acts up within a few days after sitting at their garage for 2 weeks.

    Am I justified in these suspicions? If so what can I do? There's a $600+ bill for the stator rewinding which I will have to pay otherwise (on top of the excess + inexperienced rider loading).

  2. Coincidental imho.
    Stator shouldn't pack it in just because the bike sits there for 2 weeks.
    Just bad luck.
  3. Thanks Smee. Didn't realise it could just go like that! Oh well :cry:

    Edit: I was thinking more along the lines of bad electrical connections when they set the bike back up or when the stop was welded?