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Need help with oneHD please

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Chef, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Just bought a new HiDef set top box for the idiot box and tuned it in using 'auto', but it doesn't seem to want to pick up channel 10 or HD 1.

    Is it because they're Murdoch channels and they've been shut down?
    I'm doing something wrong?

    Cheers, Chef.
  2. Because all the 10 aligned channels are derived from the same signal if your antenna has issues it wont pick it up.

    Try again at a different time of day and you might get lucky.
  3. And I thought you'd lowered yourself and needed help with a new Harley. :bolt:
  4. you need a digital tv antenna amplifier connected between the aerial and the set top box in order to boost the signal. Especially if you have a shitty antenna.
  5. Let's start at the beginning, did you have a hd or sd digital setup before ?

    If so, did you have 10 and OneHD.

    Give this forum a try, lots of info there that may help you....

  6. Digital TV is pretty finicky. It either works or it doesn't. Does your set top box have an inbuilt signal meter? If it does, then get someone to relay the signal strength to you while you turn the antenna to obtain the best possible signal.
    Also, the biggest improvement to my reception came about by replacing my antenna cable with new quad shielded cable and crimping on those proper screw on F type screw in type fittings, as opposed to the older push in coaxial type. I replaced the wall plates and made my own F type fly leads as well. It's just a combination of lots of small things conspiring against you. Hope this helps.
  7. yeah but then there's signal strength and signal quality. especially with those amplified antennas, you can get a really strong signal but still have crap reception.
    move the antenna around a bit and then retune. or get a nice big one. or something.
  8. Yep .. what Smee said, grab an amplifier from Dicks or Bunnings for around $40 and it should fix your problem.. I have the same issues in Beigewick
  9. I installed antennae for a couple of years - some of the responses here are on the right track, others not so...

    But this is an easy one Cheffie - just call me when you want to watch something on ONE, and I'll describe the action to you...
  10. Nah it's one of those el-cheapo labour government pensioner models.
    Bugger, I hope it's not that difficult.

    Thanks mate, i hope it's this easy.

    Got a pretty good antennae, about mid range. I turned it today to face directly at sky-high. One of the problems I have here is I'm in a dead zone for signals. All of the mobile carriers drop out at my place.

    Yeah that's what has me beat, I've got the sd box that gets channel 10 no problems, although i used to have problems with 7. Plus i used to get oneHD on it but lost it somewhere along the way for reasons i can't explain.

    So today I get HD box and get everything perfectly except oneHD which is what i got it for, and I've lost 10 now which is worthy of celebration quite frankly.

    There is an upside, I got to watch the ASBK today on 7mate, so i've had a little motorcycle fix :D

    Funny bugger, I'll let you shoot me if that happens :LOL:
  11. Right well right.......hmmm, just tried auto searching again and guess what!!
    I got oneHD and channel 10 working. BUT!!! when i changed the channel and went back to 'one' it was gone again. So now I have channel fucking 10, but no 1HD...

    Frikkin television is pulling the piss ](*,)

    Guess I'm getting back up in the roof to adjust the antennae.
  12. In the roof?
    There's your problem dude...
  13. Thanks nobby :)

    If you can make Darryl Beattie sound interesting you've got a deal. How are you at making sound effects?
  14. Waiting for it, next will be:

    Have moved antenna, now have 1HD, but have lost all other channels....
  15. ...LMAO.....I'm expecting the same thing.

    Maybe i should wait till Nitekreeper gets here and he can move the aerial, he'll be sleeping in the roof anyway
  16. You got it sorted yet or what? lol
  17. It's not that difficult, or expensive bloke. I'd chase signal quality before strength with an amplifier personally. If you require it, I'm more than happy to lend you my cable stripper & crimping tool. A few of my mates have done so with good results. Delivery & return would be the biggest problem though:)
  18. ive got these as well, if needed. perhaps not during the working week (never know when ill need em) but the offers there!
  19. Thanks fellas, I'll see how i go before hitting you up.

    I'm thinking about running a long coax down to chicken's place and using her antennae.

    See what I mean?

    Anyway latest update;
    The bad news is I now have channel 10
    The good news I have one HD :D
    The bad news I don't want to lose it again so I'll be leaving it on oneHD until the racing season finishes.
    The bad news is there's a crappy 'B' grade documentary on volcanoes on.
  20. might have some coax as well if you need it ;)